Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Diocolle64 Set With Mitsubishi Pajero

Model: Mitsubishi Pajero Mid Roof Wide VR

Line: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo

ebaylink: tomica limited vintage diocolle64 carsnap mitsubishi pajero

1/64 Diorama settings and mini figures are the recent trend among collectors and the team at TLV knows that. Except for a diorma, the latest camp-theme set under Diorama Collection 64 (Diocolle64) Series has everything you need to tell a camping trip story.

This set include a highly detailed and realistic Mitsubishi Pajero with an auxiliary mirror which you need to install yourself Urghh! , Tent, Bonfire, 3 mini figures, cooler box and a golden retriever. When unboxed this set looks absolutely fantastic especially with outdoor setting photography or even your 1/64 diorama!

Stay tuned for the next feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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  1. That is hands-down the greatest lead image in Lamley this year. And that’s already considering I saw 64wheels’ Pontiac NASCAR feature. I could have sworn it was a real photo, and with the right filter, it may even look like an A-1/KyoAni anime production.

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