Lamley Daily: Era Car Mercedes Benz Vito China Ambulance

Model: Mercedes Benz Vito China Ambulance

Line: Era Car 1st Special Edition

eBay link: Era Car Mercedes Benz Vito ambulance

The recent Era Car Mercedes Benz Vito China ambulance (中國救護車) is no doubt the star in the series. At 1/64 scale the casting is huge which is pretty impressive and nice to hold . It’s also based on the actual ambulance with accurate China Rescue livery that comes with high roof together with realistic siren. What impresses me is the economical price tag that pack a punch of details such as side mirrors, rubber wheelsets, plastic headlights, impressive front grille, opening hood and rear door without compromising the realism and also a 1/64 stretcher. Patient compartment is spacious for its size and fits the self loading stretcher flawlessly. I’m not really an ambulance collector but this Era Car First Edition China ambulance casting is a must have in my collection.

Watch the video here.

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