LamleySTUDIO: Hot Wheels Big Air Bel Air

Sometimes you just know a Hot Wheels release is going to hit that must-have pantheon really quick. Not because the real car is cool, but because it is a perfect mix of Hot Wheels creativity and real car culture.

The Kool Kombi is one. So is the Manga Tuner. Of course Brendon Vetuskey’s ’55 Bel Air Gasser is at the top of the list. And Brendon’s latest creation, the Big Air Bel Air, is surely joining that list.

Brendon teased it last year at the Hot Wheels Convention, and now that the finished product is out, it doesn’t disappoint. Brendon’s take on a Baja style Bel Air is playful and badass (seems like the right word), and it clearly has a bright future. Images of the upcoming Toy Fair model have leaked, and considering Mattel chose the BABA (does that work for a shortened name?) as their model to showcase the brand, they know it is hot stuff too.

Future Super TH? Of course. Premium? Seems logical. Convention Exclusive? Would you NOT buy one?

I always gravitate to realism in my collecting, but I wouldn’t be a Hot Wheels collector without having a soft spot for models like the BABA. It is an instant collection addition.

3 Replies to “LamleySTUDIO: Hot Wheels Big Air Bel Air”

  1. I actually passed on it at first because I didn’t like the idea of converting a ’56 Chevy Bel Air into an off-roader, but once I saw it again, it enticed me to get it this time. It’s actually growing on me. Not nearly as nice as the ’55 but it’s no slouch either. Maybe once it’s in premium form it will be more convincing.

  2. Oh,heck πŸ€— Brendon this BADBOY will fit really nice as an RLC EXCLUSIVE. I sure hope you will bring the BABA to the RLC with an out of the world color. A color that will be a sure win. My vote is for Spectraflame Candy Apple Red. Ok Brendon please let it happen. So in the mean time while I wait I will hunt this
    B.A.> BABA in the wild. Will be wearing my 😷 while I look. Thanks for the article JTL46.

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