As is the Custom: July 5, 2020

Things I’ve seen on my @lamleycustoms Instagram feed:

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🔰MAD MANGA🔰 Still one of my faves and will soon have a little brother😉 #staytuned More pics of this one on an earlier post. Massive fan of the Mad Manga casting and happily have all of them😊👌 This is my first custom for this casting. Bosozoku Style👌 Killer decals from Alex @mycustomhotwheels 🤘 He's the best! Wheelswapped with watanabe style little wheels and stretched rubber, detailed and even added a JDM numberplate. So happy with how the paint came out, shows all the cool casting details. Enjoy!! #Madmanga #bosozoku #jdmlove #risingsun #diecast #diecastcar #jdm #liveandletdiecast #hotwheels #hotwheelscar #164diecast #mycustomhotwheels #realriders #hotwheelscollector #hotwheelspics #customhotwheels #wheelswap #hotwheelswheelswap #hotwheelscustom

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  1. Been awhile since I seen this feature here. Being on IG Customs are everywhere. There is one guy doing gassers better then anybody how you missed him boogles my mind but whatever. @jlbcustoms is not only the best at gassers imo but his painting is tops if not the best! As of late I’ve seen a few duplicating his techniques. Well atleast trying to. If you haven’t seen his work, check him out and decide for yourself! If you enjoy dragstrip nostalgia or just like gassers you will not be disappointed! On Instagram @jlbcustoms!

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