What’s up with all the Matchbox Ford F550 Superduties?

I’ve noticed something odd at the Matchbox pegs while I’ve been out hunting recently. Every store I’ve visited has had no less than five of the yellow F-550 Superduty trucks — and some have had nearly a dozen of them. While I do like the casting, it’s odd to see so many of a single casting hanging, especially since Matchbox peg space is usually much tighter than the Hot Wheels pegs are.

I’ve also noticed that the pegs have been full of other new Matchbox, like the purple G-Wagon and the Honda CVCC, giving the impression these trucks are coming 5-10 per case. Has anyone else noticed this?

This haul of 15 trucks is from just two Wal-Mart stores….and I didn’t even buy them all!

The truck in question is a replica of a San Luis Obispo, California fire department paramedic vehicle. It looks great in highlighter yellow and has classic black and gold metallic lettering….I just am not sure why they are flooding pegs all of a sudden.

If you’re into fleet buying or making dioramas, then definitely head to your local Matchbox retailer as you should be met with plenty of these bright yellow Ford trucks. If dioramas aren’t you thing, pick one up anyways to help free up some peg space and add a great looking truck to your collection in the process 🏁

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    1. every walmart i’ve been to has tens of those mustang convertibles. the one near my house has more than 25 of those red mustangs and 15 convertible beetles

    2. Most of the Walmarts around here have loads of that Mustang convertible and pretty much nothing else from the Mustang series. I’m talkin’ at least 2 pegs worth, overflowing.

  1. Forget the F-550, that’s a shit load of Mustang Convertibles! They are going to hang there for more than a year and prevent newer stock from coming in. You can write that down if you want.

  2. You can all have some jolly Rancheros..!!.. Still waiting for this batch to come to my local area Tesco England. I don’t mind the above for £1.25. Mbx is god send here even tho some vehicles I’ve never seen. Only on films or other things. Cool coloured real fleet above. I’m surprised they would pegwarm your end at a dollar or less.

  3. The Target here has not put out any Matchbox since around January when they put out what looked like an entire case of nothing but red Mazda cx5’s.

  4. this is an incredible sight. Matchbox on more than 3 pegs? If you’re in the UK this is incredible in itself. We are lucky to find a dump-bin the size of 2 shoe-boxes half full of wave A. Be glad you can buy all these!!

  5. If I was a kid & saw that yellow F-550 Superduty.. i’d probably leave it too! Mundane & monochromatic.. all the detail in the cargo area is muted, boring and PLASTIC!

  6. I like this model but love this particular Deco. I think the weakness of it is lack of tampo detail outside of the door. A suggestion to cut into the surplus: buy some to customize. It’s a fun model to customize because there are a lot of details and shapes to paint. A few colors of testors goes a long way and their silver is highly metallic. Matchbox has been weird about how they put cases together recently. And this is one of their more odd instances–this case of 24 includes 3 of this truck! This would cause peg warming issues even with most new castings, but this Ford is old and has been used a lot of times compared to some castings the same age. It’s a pretty strange strategy. But I like this model a lot.

  7. Yes, these are piling up at all the stores around here as well. Like others have said, it was a mistake to pack this 3 per case. I forget which model(s) are only 1 per case here, but that/those would be a better choice to double up on. The 2 hardest models to find from this case around here have been the Civic and Nissan Hardbody, both of which could have used another piece in the case. The Austin Healey, Audi R8, Range Rover and G-Class Mercedes are no slouches either and would have been ok choices to triple up on. Oddly, there doesn’t appear to be much interest in the Beetle convertible around here.

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