Lamley Daily : CM’s Lancia Stratos

Model: Lancia Stratos HF1978 SanRemo Rally

Release: CM’s Rally Car Collection SS.13 Lancia Stratos Special

eBay link: CM’s is sadly long gone, but there are a few.

Why is it in the collection : well, when you love rally cars, you love CM’s, and when you love CM’s, you can’t love their Stratos. And I love the Stratos. I picked this one randomly in my collection, but I have many versions, with or without opened headlights, variants of wheels, years …

The car is small, iconic, and Lancia are too rare at our scale. Having a Stratos in the collection is a necessity. If you choose CM’s, you can’t be wrong.

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  1. CM’s is the definitive rally 1:64 brand, and it’s a shame that they left before the 2017 cars came to the fore — those cars would have been an amazing test of their casting capability. At least we have Majorette.

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