It’s #FREETHEPIECEFRIDAY Let’s Liberate that RAW!

As promised in my last Mail Call post here is the rare and beautiful Auto World Ultra Raw being released from its plastic and cardboard prison. I also show you the other 6 Ultra Raw super chases that I am lucky to own.

It is no doubt that Auto World is my favorite brand to collect. So much so that I am an obsessive completionist when it comes to the regular releases and their Ultra Red chase cars.

Auto World Ultra Raws are limited to only 10 pieces each making them the rarest of chase pieces from any brand. Each one that I am lucky to add to my massive Auto World collection is a grail piece to me.

They are so rare and expensive though that I don’t actively pursuit them and am grateful for the few that I have been able to acquire.

Here are a couple of stats that might put it into perspective as to how nuts I am for Auto Word:

  • I currently have 791 Auto World cars in my collection with 498 of them being loose.
  • I have 184 Ultra Red chase cars in my collection with 152 being loose.
  • I even have a couple of interesting errors which are very rare due to the tight quality control and low production numbers of Auto World cars (I’ll save those for another feature).

There are still 27 Ultra Reds out there that I need to complete my collection. If any of you have some you want to trade or sell hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, or you can email me at

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