Mail Call: Super TH and Super Chase

Ok, so this doesn’t really count as mail since it wasn’t actually delivered by a courier service (at least not to me). But we are going to count it as a Mail Call post ok? …ok.

My local buddy Todd (@crazytodd_diecast on Instagram) dropped off a box of goodies a little while back. It was full of cars either from his collection that he wanted to get rid of (mostly duplicate Auto World) and some stuff that he had bought specifically with me in mind.

Just this last week I purchased these two items from the box of goodies. It’s pretty nice when you can shop in your own basement. Especially during a pandemic.

There were a couple of Super Treasure Hunts in the box. Surprisingly enough, until now I did not have this Skyline. This R34 was the “B” case Super Treasure Hunt from 2019. I was never lucky enough to find one but luckily Todd had an extra loose and gave it to me for a steal of a price.

The real gem of this pick up for me of course though is this Ultra Raw Dodge Polara 500 Max Wedge from Auto World 2019 Release 1. If you’re not familiar with Ultra Raws, they as far as I know are the most limited chase pieces that any brand has ever put out. Each one is limited to only 10 pieces!

If you know me from my YouTube channel or Instagram you know that Auto World has been my main squeeze for a long time. So, it should be obvious that this is a major score for me.

I am an Auto World 1/64 Premium completionist when it comes to the regular releases and the Ultra Reds.

If I am honest though I really do not go after the raws because they are scary rare and can be quite expensive. However, if I can acquire one here and there at a great price from friends helping me out or in trade it makes me happy.

This is the 7th Ultra Raw I’ve added to the collection. It is the third one from Todd and like the other two, he made me an offer I could not refuse. I am stoked to add it to my vast Auto World collection.

Oh yeah and this raw is getting let loose on a #freethepiecefriday episode on my YouTube channel… if it hasn’t already by the time you read this 🙂

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