[Guest Post] Spain’s Jorge López and his stunning 1/64 collection and customs

I am pleased to introduce Jorge Lopez, a diecast collector from Spain, who kindly obliged to present his wonderful 1:64 premium collection for the Lamley blog. We hope this “stay at home” times will be a little more enjoyable with our diecast nerd community sharing pics of their collection. Thank you Jorge.

Hello, my name is Jorge López, I collect diecast miniatures since childhood.

At the beginning (in the pre-internet era), my collection was limited to low quality models, 3 inches toys and not accurately scaled vehicles.
In year 2001, with the appearance of the Internet, I began to collect only premium diecast, accuracy in 1/64 scale and cars made for an adult collector.

I can say I collect everything in 1/64, but most of my collection is made up of cars, although I have few trucks (firetrucks and many others).

Why I collect?…Well I have never asked myself. It’s my hobby and I feel good collecting these little gems in 1/64. I have no money to own a Ferrari in real life, but I can own more than one thousand cars in miniature.

I like the hunt for a new model, I enjoy the web search for an exclusive model and the final step to expose it in the cabinet.

For a while I have started to transform models to get unique items, mostly emergency models.

Here are a few examples:

Nissan Safari (named Nissan Patrol in Spain). Original in gray/ white from TLV and modified one in Protection Civil colors.

Citroen Xsara Picasso from Norev (in burgundy) and the same model in Spanish police livery.

Greenlight Ford Fusion (Mondeo in Spain). Guardia Civil Trafico (traffic police) and original one in white.

Kyosho Alfa Romeo 159 in gray color and two police modifications. Guarda di Finanza from Italian police and Guardia Civil from Spain.

Original Kyosho Volkswagen Touareg and his Spanish emergency brother. Fast response medical car from Catalonia region.

Kyosho BMW X5 and same kyosho X5 in SERCAM livery (Emergency medical services from Madrid).

Suzuki Jimny (Samurai in Spain). Civil version in gray and beach rescue from Lanzarote.

Schuco Land Rover Defender in white. Beside to a rural french Gendarmerie unit.

Kyosho Audi Q7. United Kingdom police.

Jorge Lopez.

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  1. Those custom versions are amazing. Wonder how you created Tampo, painted, and Made the custom accessories for them. They are lit!!!

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