It is time for two new 108-count Carney Display Cases to go up. What should go in them?

Quarantine has been strange, right? Of course it has. But in more ways than we typically talked about. Time is weird. I find myself thinking of to-do lists differently, and how I get things done.

For example, if you told me I was going to be stuck at home for 8 weeks, I would tell you I would be pounding out Lamley videos and articles. That hasn’t been the case at all. Time at home means time thinking about what you need to do, want to do, and are willing to do. You listen more. I do articles and videos when I feel like it. Which isn’t always.

In the same vein if you told me two Carney Display cases would show up a week or two before going into that 8-week at home period, I would have predicted that they would have been up the first day and I would have had them filled the second. But I found myself waiting, almost saving that experience for another time when I would need it. I haven’t needed it yet.

This week feels like the right time. I don’t need it, but I feel like I will enjoy it. So let’s do it.

(Before I move on, the question will come up like it always does. My wall displays are by Carney Displays, and I absolutely love them. Here is a link to the cases I get, and I always get white-back option.)

These two 108-count white-back cases have been leaning against the side of my desk for awhile, and will soon replace the small 30-count display that has served as the background for my videos. Obviously only the lower part of one case will be seen in the videos, but there will be another above it.

The part visible in videos will, like usual, be filled with the latest Hot Wheels Premium Models. Because of that, that case will be dedicated to Hot Wheels Premium. But what about the case above? And since I am moving Car Culture, FnF, Team Transport, and (New) Boulevard to a big case, I will have open space among the four displays above my desk.

Here is the current situation. I have two main sections of Carney Displays in my office. My three all white cases stacked three high in the corner, full of Tomica Limited Vintage. That isn’t changing.

Then I have four white-back, clear-shelved cases bunched together above my desk. All Hot Wheels Premium. RLC, Convention, and premium lines like Vintage Racing, Boulevard, and Car Culture.

So who gets the empty slots? I’d like to give other brands some love. Matchbox? I’ve thought about that, but I actually like to see the Matchbox castings together, and not part of lines, and like having the access to them that I have in my closet.

Hot Wheels really is good. Four displays already. Premium continues to grow so whatever gaps there are will be filled.

It is the other brands I collect that I am thinking about. There is one display brand, Tarmac Works, that could work. But they already come so beautifully displayed in their acrylic boxes that I am inclined to keep them there.

So that leaves two other brands that I love to collect that might take the spots. Auto World is one. I have called them the closest American carmaker to Tomica Limited Vintage, and having some American steel on the wall would look great next to all the Japanese classics from TLV. So what models to pick?

The other is my latest obsession. It takes a lot for me to go all in on a brand, but Mini GT has pulled me in. The Supercar equivalent to TLV and AW is on freaking fire, and more beauties are on their way. So I am thinking them too.

What do you think? The drill will be out later this week, and cases will go up. Now let me know if I am on the right track.

6 Replies to “It is time for two new 108-count Carney Display Cases to go up. What should go in them?”

  1. Autoworld should definitely go in 1 case and other miscellaneous cars can go in the other case (miniGT, Tarmac works, etc).

  2. Brother I might not be much
    You should display what makes you happy.i got my walls fill with Carney cases I got the chrome backing,seen yours think white looks better.
    Too late to change now.
    Love your collection and videos.
    Thank you for doing the vids.

  3. Hello , I think whatever your favorite car company is, should go in them.
    I myself am mostly a 1 Marque collector,so my 1/64 carney displays they are All Lamborghini. Yes different models, and model manufacturers, but All Lamborghini.
    But I think your favorite Auto maker, or model, mine is mostly The Beautiful Lamborghini Countach!!, kind regards Mike B.

  4. Have one of the display cases be open to all brands with the twist that all of the cars be racing liveries numbered from 1 to 108. See how many number slots you can fill. Brands with numbers in the name (i.e. 76 Union) can also count.

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