Parcel of the day: Don’t neglect your Kyosho Ferrari collection

It was one of the objective I fixed myself during the confinement : dust the entire Kyosho collection. But seriously. Meaning dusting the cars one by one, unscrew them one by one and clean the plinth too. It took my more than a week, one hour to one hour and a half per day.

The second objective was to reorganize it, and make it more logical in the placement of the cars.

The third objective was to complete the collection, and filling gaps. That is by far the most interesting part I will relate you today.

So I started by the Ferrari section, as it is my favorite brand to collect in the Kyosho world, and maybe the biggest part too.

(Kyosho Ferrari on ebay)

The Kyosho Ferrari collection through the years contains 12 collections of 21 to 30 cars each, with each casting in 3 colors, plus 2 Ferrari Racing collections of 6 cars each, exclusive of the Formula One series. That’s a lot of cars.

My filling gaps Ferrari madness had 2 rounds since March, and I feel a third round is approaching.

Here is round 2 :

Yep, 6 new Ferrari from various collections, and a Hot Wheels Ferrari 250LM because I loooove that car (that’s for another time).

What is fun with Kyosho Ferrari is that for a matter of license issues, they come in kits. You have to assemble the wheels, the tires, the seats and screw the whole thing. It is very easy, and add a little fun to the game.

An example of the 430 Scuderia – chase model by the way – ready to be mounted

I am collecting them for many years now, and it is constantly growing. I had my really deep period of almost-only-Kyosho-collecting, that is now over because I have almost everything I want, but I love to relapse sometimes.

It depends of where I find them. It is 99% from eBay, mainly Japan, sometimes Europe.

There are a lot I still don’t have, and when a good opportunity is here, I take it. That’s what happened with this second round, that I wanted to share with pics. Enjoy it, and don’t neglect your background collection. It is fun to upgrade.

From left to right : Ferrari FXX, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari F430 GT, Ferrari F50.

(Kyosho Ferrari on ebay)

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