Lamley Daily: Kyosho Initial D Legend 2 Takumi AE86

Model: Toyota AE86

Line: Kyosho Corporation

eBay link: Kyosho Initial D

Just like Tomica, over the years Kyosho has been releasing the Initial D (頭文字D) series consistently with the Tofu car included in every release. Been an Initial D fan, I’m always looking forward to Kyosho release particularly the 1/64 scale with ultra realistic details as compared with Dream Tomica series although they are in different category and price point altogther.

This is perhaps the series that Tomica Limited Vintage never release perhaps due to the license hence the expectations is different between Kyosho and Dream Tomica.

This Tofu car is released based on the Initial D movie Legend 2 back in 2015. It comes with an Initial D theme sealed outer box which include the movie collector card. The casting itself looks awesome just like the Tofu car that raced against Takeshi Nakazato and Shingo Shoji from Myogi Nightkids.

The AE86 is a replica of the movie with killer details. Wheelset is realistic and rolls extremely well except without drift mode. Liveries are sharp with the Fujiwara Tofu shop and the car plate clearly labelled. If you are a collector that is very particular with details and realism this legendary 86 is the casting for you.

Watch the video here.

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