A focus on the Inno64 Honda Civic Si E-AT

To me, it is THE Civic. As a 90’s kid, it’s rectangular-shaped lines are what a Civic looks like. It is the third generation Civic (1983-1987).

Oh, I admit it might not be the most sexy of the history of the Civic. But I am so happy that a manufacturer like Inno models decided to replicate it.

There is this Kyosho 1:64 of the Honda Collection, released in red, silver and white, but it is super hard to find, and expensive. A good proof of the popularity of the Civic models in 1:64, and the lack of models for a long time.

Screen from Curitiba Customs website and their wonderful Kyosho catalogs

This era seems to be over though, with the Civic boom of the last few years. But I won’t complain about it.

I just hope that Inno models will include a street version of this third generation Civic. They have been prolific with the EF9, so I don’t see any obstacle to do the same with this generation.

I like when diecast surprises me. I also like to learn on automotive history through diecast. And that is what happened today.

While making my homework on the Civic and its family, its history and its racing pedigree, my searches naturally brought me to the Honda CR-X.

As far as I knew that this little coupe was based on the 3rd generation Civic, I discovered that this car was a 2 seaters (in the US), and an optional 4 seaters in the rest of the world. How could I have missed that ? Don’t know. I jumped on my Tomica Limited Vintage display, to check this affair; and this is so true!

The proof :

Ok, it is not so easy to catch it in photos, but you have to believe me on this : there are no back seats in this car.

About the similar platform of the car, do you see the resemblance ?

Now that you know what a 3rd generation Civic looks like, know its coupe version, I also precise a sedan version and a kind of wagon called “Shuttle” do exist. Maybe one day from our beloved Japan manufacturers ?

For now, let’s focus on the 3 race versions I have from Inno64.

They are “Si” versions, meaning sport versions (that were available on street cars too).

First in the collection was this Mugen Motul JTC 1987, sporting very iconic livery that will bring memories to Gran Turismo fans. A car that could have been designed for those old video games, when graphics were as ugly and abrupt as the lines of the car.

As usual with Inno64 standards, the diecast is highly detailed. Accuracy in sponsors, multiple details making the model, perfect stance, tow hook … Those guys are artists.

Honda Civic Si EAT Motul livery in Gran Turismo 6
A picture from the 1987 JTC

The next to entry my collection (it has nothing to do with the order of release) was this “Trampio” Macau Guia Race from 1986.

It is actually such a connoisseur car if I may say so, that it is impossible for me to find illustration of the car. I wish I had at least a book of Macau races but I don’t. If you do have any kind of pictures of the car, please share it in the comment section.

The best I can do to illustrate this version is a video of the Guia race of 1986 from YouTube were you can hardly see the car #10 (at 2:40 particularly). Just here :

This version is the most rare of the 3, as it is a Macau Grand Prix Special Edition of 2019 (they literately killed the game with tons of special editions last year!).

It sports different wheels that are very cool. It looks like more of a street version with a paint scheme than a pure race car, but I sure love it. Mainly due to the factory black bumpers I guess.

Finally, the Spoon version from Honda Day New Jersey 2013.

What is Honda Day ? “Held every year at Atco Raceway in Atco, NJ, Honda Day is partially a drag racing competition, partially a car show, partially a celebration of the Honda brand and sport-compact culture.”

Wow. I wish I had this here. So I assume this Spoon version was among the cars present at the show.

Yes it did.

Once again, the diecast thing made me discover that a Honda Day existed. Nothing to revolutionize the world, but I’m happy to know that Inno did replicate a real car.

Spoon sports is a customizer based in Japan, who specializes in Honda performance parts. It is interesting to know that the name “Spoon” is originate from a hard turn of the Suzuka track.

Their yellow and blue livery is obviously very popular and it fits quite well on the Civic. I can’t say I’m a fan of all Spoon liveries, but I love having some in my collection.

The second car is a Civic Ferio from Inno64, and the Civic Type R EK9 in the back is from Tarmac Works.

A nice trio indeed, so JDM.

As a conclusion, I highly suggest you to get a third generation Civic in your collection if you are in the JDM mania, or have any kind of affection for this super popular car. And if you don’t, you can also be very pleased by the great execution of the car.

The more I look at them, the more I like them, from every angle, and particularly from the back with this straight car boot and this taillights band.

You can find Inno64 Honda Civic Si here. Cheers.

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  1. They even replicated the different color center caps for the Spoon version…blue on one side, red on the other. Neat.

  2. Great! I owned a 3G back in the ’80s & ’90s (and currently own a same gen CRX today). Glad to see someone producing this gen Civic. I will buy some in stock colors when they come out.

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