Lamley Daily: PARA64 Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO

Model: PARA64 Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO

Line: 1:64

eBay Link: Para64 Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO

Why I am featuring it:

For me, a portion of my diecast collecting is inspired by nostalgia. As seniors in high school, a few of my classmates had some really memorable rides, including a Porsche 944 with Turbo twist wheels, a second-generation Eclipse Spyder, a 2001 Prelude in Milano red, and the reason for today’s post: a Mitsubishi 3000GT in Panama green.

I’ve referenced this before and I’ll most likely do so many times in the future, but if you grew up during a certain time period and played certain video games, then you’ll probably consider the following four as JDM powerhouses: FD RX-7, MK4 Supra, Z32 300ZX and the second-generation 3000GT.

While the first three have been given their fair share of diecast love, if you wanted a small scale 3000GT, your options were limited to Matchbox’s Spyder or Tomica Premium’s first generation GTO Twin Turbo. And yes, I too can’t wait for Auto World’s Dodge Stealth.

But there is a new choice for those looking to fill some JDM voids: PARA64. I tried to gather more information on them prior to this post which proved somewhat tricky. It seems the website listed on their packaging redirects to what I presume is a parent company, Paragon Models and Jadi Modelcraft. And the About section reads like generic copy written by an unpaid intern. 

PARA64’s 1:64 releases are limited to the featured model and a Liberty Walk i8, but an expansion is planned to include various Audi R8LMS liveries, a Liberty Walk Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, and numerous BMWs. However, with expected dates set for January, February and March of this year, their actual productions and subsequent arrivals are still TBD. I’m sure the global pandemic hasn’t helped. Browse the larger scales on their website and you’ll see a collection that includes 1:18 Jaguar E-Type racers and stately Rolls-Royces, and 1:43 SEATs and Audis.

So what to make about the newest release of an otherwise unknown company? The packaging is nice, if not familiar in that Tarmac Works, INNO64 and Hobby Japan all employ similar presentations. An acrylic display with the name displayed parallel to the front of the car, surrounded by a cardboard sleeve. And where Tarmac and INNO use a screw to attach their cars to the bases, PARA64 utilizes a slotted spring mechanism for a quick release and reattachment, although the latter is a bit clumsy. 

The car itself is nicely proportioned, although without busting out the micrometer that I don’t own it’s hard to tell if it’s pinpoint accurate. That Tomica I mentioned before is scaled at 1/63 and is a tad larger, so that says something. The only differences between the 3000GT and GTO are the dashboard (LHD vs RHD) and the callouts between the taillights noting the model. The 5-spoke wheels are convincing as OEM representatives, but I’m having a hard time placing them with a real image. The tires are a nice pliant rubber. The chassis is plastic, which given the price point (depending on where you buy it from) almost seems unacceptable until you consider Tarmac and INNO are also that. The mirrors are separate pieces and are painted to look as such. A nice touch. The sunroof allows a nice view into the cabin.

Overall, it’s a welcome addition to my collection. I’ve considered adding a RHD Caracas red release, and I’ve seen preorders for a Glacier white GTO. But for now I’m very much content with what I’ve got. If your automotive taste is a product of Gran Turismo and Best Motoring, you’ll appreciate the PARA64 Mitsubishis.

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  1. Love to see TLV do one. They would most likely do the non turbo variants too. which is what I would like to see. Mitsubishi GTO’s are one of the best and worst cars that you can buy for less than NZ$10,000

    1. Hey Kyle!

      That would be great if TLV made something like that. Although I would really love a ’99-spec VR4 with the combat wing. And yes, with the engines leaving no room to work in the bay, any maintenance can quickly become costly, for sure. Cheers!

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