Home Safe? Using the time to dig into your collection? How about sharing it here on Lamley?

As I write this, I think at this moment I would be on a plane. Sitting in the aisle seat, returning to Salt Lake City from Hot Wheels Nationals in Charlotte. I’d certainly be tired. Sleep would have been at a minimum, other activities at a maximum, but I would be happy that heading West meant some time to rest on Sunday afternoon before returning to work on Monday.

Instead, I am well-rested, home, full of coffee, and donning my most stylish lounge-wear. Pretty much what I have been doing everyday for the last three weeks. The biggest adventures have been the two trips I have taken to the grocery store. But I am happy to be home, happy I can stay home, and like you, thankful to those who are doing all they can to combat this virus. I’m as tripped out by this as much as you are, and hoping there will be a day that seems normal again. For now, I’m ready for the long haul.

From one perspective, it does seem weird to talk about little cars right now. This virus is a true crisis, and the ramifications are as serious as any. We are talking about health, mortality, well-being, and life. Beyond that the loss of jobs, income, and security. How the hell can you focus there and pivot to toy cars? You can’t.

From the other perspective, thank all goodness for this goofy hobby. We need to stay home, to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone else safe. We are required to make our lives at home the best possible. And aren’t you glad you have a hobby that you can enjoy right where you are?

This isn’t the time to go out and hunt. But it can be a time to enjoy the models you have, dive into your collection in whatever way you want, and rediscover elements you forgot about. I am doing that, and I am thankful to have a platform that hopefully can provide some enjoyment while you are stuck at home. I am especially grateful for the new group of writers here on the blog, who truly have been churning out amazing content that is well beyond my voice and specific interests. The blog is a ton better for it and it could not have come at a better time.

One thing the writers and I have all said through this process is that writing about the hobby and creating content in several capacities has been truly therapeutic. It is not only something to do, but a great place to focus your thoughts.

So I want to give you that same opportunity.

Lamley is calling on all collectors and putting out a request for guest spots on the blog. Starting now, we are accepting submissions under two headings:

“My Collection Display” and “My Favorite Model”

We want you share something about your collection, either how you display it or your favorite model. Write it up, take some good photos, and submit it to me at lamleygroup@gmail.com. The team of Lamley Writers and I will review them and pick those that will be posted. Not all will be published, but we hope to showcase a variety of displays and models.

What will get you posted? Good writing, good photography (this is a must – no need to make the photography creative, just quality), and something that readers will want to see and read about.

When I put out the request for writers earlier this year, I was amazed at the interest that so many of you expressed. I picked a team that filled the gaps I was looking to fill, but wanted to find ways for others to have their voices heard. Considering the state of the world now, with all of us home, this seemed like a great way to give many of you a chance to be published on Lamley.

This is just for your own fun and enjoyment. If you are interested in being published here, shoot me an email. If not, enjoy the features as they are published.

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