2020 so far has been a bummer. Unless you are talking about Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts

Has this run of 2020 Super Treasure Hunts been the best ever? I think you can make the argument that it has.

Of course we like what we like, so there is no way to prove it, but dang the first 8 Supers of 2020, marking 25 years of Treasure Hunts, have been stellar.

I judge Supers based on several categories: (And yes I just made this up. I don’t spend my time grading Supers “on categories”. I’m a nerd but that not that nerdy. I just need to do this for the blog, so bear with me.)

  • Casting
  • Upgrade from the Basic model
  • Spectraflame color
  • Uniqueness compared to other Supers
  • How memorable the overall release is whether it was a Super or not

And if you look at this group as a whole, there is a lot to like. Memorable castings, old and new, unique colors, classic looks, and the first Super that is a completely different color than its basic counterpart.

Actually, this is stupid. I don’t write this blog to dissect something. It is about the experience. Finding Supers is an experience. Collecting them is as well, no matter how you get them. There are several sets of basic models that serve as a cross section of the best Hot Wheels has to offer. If you collect them you have a very cool cross section of models. That is why I collect Zamacs, and Red Editions, and Mooneyes. And Supers.

And without nerding out, I just love this mix of the first eight Supers. I’ll shut up and show the pics.

See? SEE!?!!? These are wonderful. Such a cool mix of models, all looking stellar. And yes, I know some will say Muscle is underrepresented, but if I do say so myself there was a time that Supers were Camaros and whatever muscle car would fit in between said Camaros. And never fear, a 57 Chevy, C10 Chevy, and Ford Galaxie are on their way.

My favorites of the bunch? Well I just said this run was as good as any, so ALL OF THEM! But if you want specifics, the last two. I love that R32, and there is no doubt the Gulf GT40 is a fan favorite (and probably the front runner so far “Best Super” in the 2020 Lamley Awards), but the bright red Audi and Special Edition GT-R take the cake for me.

I love that Hot Wheels decided to release the 50th Anniversary GT-R’s, with deco paying homage to the classic racing liveries of the old Hakosuka, together as a pair instead of as a first model and recolor. A first for Hot Wheels, and a worthy subject for the break from the norm. Plus, Super or not, doing this special deco makes these models a must.

The Audi Quattro Super is also one that is just great on its own. A perfect use of the new spectraflame red, and the Real Riders were put to great use, making the Super a little more realistic than its plain-colored basic counterpart. Plus, it is the second Audi Super to go red with just front and rear details. Rad.

So throw out my attempt to explain. I am enjoying the run of Supers in 2020. Their is a lot about 2020 I am NOT enjoying. At least the Supers are cool.

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  1. As much as I like the R32 and Quattro, I have to hand it to the blue GT-R. It looks brilliant imo and the only thing that could make it better is TE37s (how could they possibly miss that?). But what does make it better is pairing it with the white basic one. The two look great together. It’s cool they did this and I wonder what other Supers we could see in the future in different colours to the basic. Love the GT-R and it may be the only Super of this year I’d consider buying online if I don’t find it on pegs.

    P.S. – I’m really hoping that this (or the old R35) make it into premium asap (CC, Boulevard, Fast and Furious.. anything). I’d much rather see the silver GT-R from Fast 5/6 or the blue one from Furious 7 instead of some random background car. I’m not hating on them, I’m a FnF nerd and I like background cars but I’m just saying there’s a limit to how much “background” you can get.

  2. If I could find any one of these on the shelves, I’d be happy. However, unlike our area scalpers, I have a life that is not conducive to going to every store in a 20 mile radius, every day, at 4:am~

  3. I have a love hate relationship with Supers. Well, probably more hate than love. Sure they look fantastic and I’m glad to see them take an evermore realistic approach with these, however… If like you say, it’s all about the experience, then the experience is frustrating at best and infuriating at other times. Granted, I generally don’t obsess over finding a Super every time I am out hunting. I go, I dig through the pegs and/or dump bins for anything that may suit my fancy and every once in awhile I’m pleasantly surprised with a neat basic model or 10. But in a lifetime of collecting, I have never found a Super and for that reason it is not all that joyous to “celebrate” those models that are perpetually out of reach and will never be represented in my collection.

  4. Funny that I should come across this article looking for news of releases. I just found my first STH car today and it’s one I wanted. The CR-X is great! I love race liveries and 80s cars are great. Not super interested in the rest, but I’d love to get my hands on the GT-40 and the ’57 Chevy if possible.

  5. Here in Australia we would be really lucky to find a Treasure hunt car on the pegs. So far in my years of collection hot wheels I have found one super treasure and one id Ford Escort cars. It appears we are missing out on them big time. It appears over in the USA and Europe they have much more treasure hats on pegs.

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