Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 J Case

With all the mayhem in the world, it is safe to assume the roll-out of new product from Hot Wheels and our other favorite brands might be a little sporadic. Which in some ways might be a good thing, considering toy hunting might be as “non-essential” as it gets. These things will be waiting for us to buy when the time comes that we can.

But buying from a hobby dealer is a great idea. Dealers like Wheel Collectors are most certainly small businesses, and keeping them afloat is a very good thing. Plus, having these mailed definitely falls within social distancing lines.

So I was glad to see Wheel Collectors got some new product in the form of Hot Wheels J Case, and like they always do, they grabbed a case at random and photographed its contents. And they picked a good case.

Check it out below via video and photos, and be sure to go grab your favorites at the Wheel Collectors store:

Hot Wheels 2020 Batch J at Wheel Collectors

2 Replies to “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 J Case”

  1. That’s a decent case. Lots of nice new models and some good repeats. The Prelude is definitely coming, and so is the Sesto Elemento, NSX, Jeep, Jag Project 8, Z4 and GT3 RS, and the Syclone, Corvette, P1, Audi, Volvo from the last case.

  2. I wonder how many [certain] people are darting in stores, risking to jump those dump bins & the pegs, to get the good ones?
    As much as I want to attack those stores myself & the temptation eats away.. the thought of pathogens roaming.. odds of getting something & spreading it to my family..doesn’t sound that tempting, now does it??!!

    Oh.. the case report?. oh yeah.. Syclone, Prelude, NSX, the E-Rod, Volvo re-color,& quite a few others. the Lambo $TH of course, if you can find one… that Otto is cool, but doesn’t it look as if it has FTE wheels? Whatever happened to FTE wheels?.. the original ones?

    How many cases will the Santa Sled appear? .. it seems like at least three now and when it debuted, it pretty much came out after X-mas, but now it’s April!.. Easter time! SMH!

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