Lamley Daily : Hot Wheels Ferrari 512M

Model: Ferrari 512M

Line: Hot Wheels Mainline Ferrari 5-pack

Ebay link: Hot Wheels Ferrari 512M

Why I am featuring it : where else can you do this ?

This car is insanely cool, and is typically an illustration of how sad it is that Hot Wheels lost Ferrari license. Even if when documenting this short post I discovered a Garage version did exist, with insane real rider and quite accurate wheels, imagine it in Car Culture. Ouh. Be sure I will track down one of this Garage version, still don’t know how, living in Europe, but I’ll try my best.

I wanted to feature this Ferrari 512M for 2 reasons.

First to surprise my writers by showcasing a Hot Wheels cars, and prove I don’t only strictly collect premium 1:64 stuff. I love and I know cross the line when necessary. The car must worth it, or must have memories attached. In this case, it is both.

The car is stunning, and it is a survivor of my former Hot Wheels collection (yes, I did collect a lot Hot Wheels and reduced drastically the collection to more or less 30 to 40 cars to focus on premium stuff).

Secondly, I posted last day my top 5 Hot Wheels on my Instagram page @guillaumewillpics. I thought I could easily play the game as I only kept what I really like.

This Ferrari 512M came in the third place, and I admit that playing this game made me open my storage loose collection I don’t open really often.

All in all, many of you might already have one or more examples of the 512M in your own collection, but if you don’t, please go. I think it would be a perfect companion to the Porsche 917LH, in pure 70’s 24h of Le Mans fashion. I don’t own one yet, as I expect it to turn premium one day.

History mainly remembers the killer Porsche 917, but it fought against this beast.

I don’t know who designed this one, but it is good. I love the stance and the front almost touching the ground.

As mentioned in the introduction, this orange fantasy version is from a Ferrari 5-pack. The only one I kept.

I have a particular affection for this 512M, as a 24h of Le Mans fan, but I also have the chance to see the real 1:1 car in action each year in our local circuit, each summer during a Classic Grand Prix. The version is a 1971 24h of Le Mans Ferrari 512M from team Montjuic.

Definitely a Hot Wheels that owned its place in my collection.

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    1. Money. Ferrari asked for quite a huge sum of it for their license, and May Cheong Group was willing to meet the asking price.

  1. The designer was Mark Jones, according to HWwiki. I actually just found this exact version at a resale shop. Apparently it was part of a 5-pack in 2013 that I didn’t buy. I have the First Edition versions.

  2. The Porsche 917LH casting is crying out desperately to be made part of a premium set. Glad I picked one up the Garage 512M. Car Culture LeMans, anyone?

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