Inno64 at it’s best : Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

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What better for a third Inno64 article than focusing on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III.

Let’s be clear since the beginning : it is stunning.

The Lancer Evo III (1995-1996) has had quite a short career. Hopefully it did not stop Inno models to replicate it. Frankly, I like JDM and all 90’s cars related but i’m not able to recognize straight away the minors differences from all Mitsubishi Lancer Evo I to III and IV to VI. Thought I’m sure this one a third generation.

As always, I try to buy what I like, and match street versions and race / rally versions.

The red one is a Philippines Special Edition, and what I like with Inno is that it remains accessible for worldwide collectors to catch them. I had no difficulties to get one on eBay under €20.

The other one is a Ralliart edition, which could be a kind of presentation car, or test car. Even if it is not perfectly clear it has existed like this, it remains my favorite of the lot. Just love the deco, half plain, half race livery. It is a Malaysia Special edition.

Ralliart is the competition segment of Mitsubishi Motors, for rally programs and rally-raid (Dakar like).

Then I own 2 rally versions, very highly detailed.

One is from Safari Rally Kenya 1996. Stunning. They pushed really high numerous little details, making this version a must-have for any rally fan : added headlights, big exhaust on the windscreen, lights, antennas, and even the glasses got attention with this kind of protective adhesive for direct sunlight.

There are so many details for such a little car, even the front grill is “seeing through”.

And what is very important for me (did you guess ? easy) : the stance of the car is replicated as it should be. It is not low as a rally asphalt car would be, but high, like a Safari rally car should be. I really appreciate those little details, even on a €16 range minicar.

Unlike Tomica Limited Vintage, all those little pieces that really make the model are already fixed; you don’t have to glue it yourself. Thank you !!

But sadly, laws on tobacco forbid to replicate tobacco sponsors on the cars (at least directly, as they come with separate sheets of decals), which makes this second rally versions of New Zealand 1995 quite blank, and Rothmans less. As you know, I don’t like water decals, so this version will remains like this in my displays.

Inno64 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III are really in the legacy of old Rally Cars made by CM’s, and are delightfull for rally fans. Other brands like Tarmac Works or Tomica Limited Vintage have tooled Lancer Evo 4, 5 and 6, even final X, and lastly YES models tooled an amazing EVO IX, making Evo collection very much worth it.

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  1. Exhaust? I always thought it was an intake snorkel to keep the intake from flooding when encountering water hazards. You know, just like mud trucks have, since it otherwise appears identical to the snorkels on them.

  2. This collector miss the best Inno evo III casting

    Jackie Chan’s movie 1995 Evo III “Thunderbolt” Hong Kong exclusive

  3. Its a shame this collector miss the best Inno evo III casting

    Jackie Chan’s movie Evo III “Thunderbolt” Hong Kong exclusive
    The iconic yellow Evo III which tested on highway before it got burned down

  4. Honestly, this collector miss the most iconic Inno version of Evo III

    Inno Hong Kong exclusive, Jackie Chan’s iconic yellow Evo III from Thunderbolt movie

    The car which got tested on closed highway, escorted by the police and got burned down soon after

  5. That’s not an exhaust, that is the intake snorkel (like some 4×4 SUVs) and the reason is as stated by Yuneek above. It’s for driving through water without flooding the engine. That is one insanely detailed Evo III, may I say!

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