Preview: China’s YES Model joins the 1/64 world with a mind-blowing Mitsubishi Evo

I get questions like this all the time. “Is (insert brand here) worth collecting?”

I always answer the same way, and I am sure you do too when you get that question. I always tell them, in my most wise voice, “collect what you want.” It makes sense.

Except that statement might be coming a bit obsolete. Collect what you want, yes, but be smart about it. Never EVER collect as an investment, just do it if it brings you joy, and don’t let it consume any time, money, or space you don’t have.

I say that because “what I want” is very different now. I want a TON. The world of 1/64 is the most vibrant it has ever been. The old pros, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Majorette and others are releasing some of the best stuff they ever have, and more and more new brands are competing for our dollars. And that healthy competition is producing some amazing pieces. I want a lot of it, but now I have to sadly be more selective.

Yo Engine Start – YES for short – is on the list. Brand new, out of China, their first release is a true gem. Unique to be sure, and beautifully executed. I was introduced to YES last year, and right about now their first release, the Mitsubishi Evo, is hitting the market.

Based on those photos it is a beautiful replica, worth sitting in any collection. But it goes so much further.

I walked through it on the Lamley Channel last week:

The video shows it all, but I took pics too. It starts with the package. Each model comes with its own display turntable. Cool enough, but add the fact that the model not only has opening parts, but interchangeable parts, including the front grill, rear bumper, and engine. All in a 1/64 model that rolls.

It is extraordinary. Models like this have been done in the past, but I think it is safe to say not on this scale. Ultimately the most important element in my view if doing a customizable model like this is that the final product look good, whether it has moving parts or not. YES has achieved that.

I have no idea what is on the horizon for YES, but if they can create more models at this level they have a strong future. I can’t see myself getting every one (remember that space factor?), but this one for sure has a place.

You can pre-order the YES Evo at DiecastTalk.

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    1. No, this is a totally new brand. They changed the name from flurry (which is not the best name) to Yo Engine Start (better), Y.E.S for short.

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