Two new Spoon Sports Hondas Added to the Inno64 Catalog

These just arrived to me from SURPLUSgoodies and if you are a Honda fan these new releases from INNO64 are must-haves. Both models feature Hondas in Spoon Sports liveries. The iconic yellow and blue Spoon Sports colors look great on these cars. Head over to SURPLUSgoodies to grab yours today!

If you are new to INNO64 here is what you can expect: The models come in nice acrylic display cases so that they can be stacked and displayed easily without worrying about dust or damaging the finely detailed and sometimes fragile parts. 

The models do have rubber tires but they do not roll. They are meant to be detailed replica models for display only. This allows them to focus on getting the stance right on cars without having to worry about them rolling. It is a trade-off a lot of collectors will think is worth it once they get a couple of these models. 

Check out the pictures and drop a comment on this post letting me know what you think. Also, come visit me on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.

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