The Tomica Limited Vintage “Damaged Box” Holiday Sale at Japan Booster starts at 6pm PST today. Here is the link you need.

It is here again. Maybe the best holiday tradition in diecast. The Japan Booster TLV “Damaged Box” Sale begins today.

For those of you familiar with this event, you will find the link you need below. For the rest of you, read up because you want to be ready.

Here are all the key points for the sale.  In-depth details are below:

  • The TLV Damaged Box Sale starts at 6pm PST Friday (today)
  • Hard-to-find TLV 1-day & 3-day Auctions start at the same time – 6pm PST Friday
  • The entire store is also on sale at 6pm PST – TLV, Kyosho, Tomica Premium & more
  • Worldwide SHIPPING is FREE on all orders over $50

You will need this link to access the Damaged Box items. It is the only way to get directly to them:

Here is a little more about the sale:

This is the only sale Japan Booster does during the year. As they get orders during the year, some of the boxes that hold the models are slightly damaged. The models are perfect, but there might be a slight crease, tear, or aging in the box. Japan Booster holds them aside for this sale.

And while a damaged box doesn’t seem like a big deal, for many collectors in Japan it is, so these models are HEAVILY discounted. So those of us who don’t mind the condition of the box really benefit. If you are new to TLV, or curious about what I consider the highest quality brand in 1/64, this is the time to pounce.

But they do exceptionally fast. Based on how these sales have gone before, many of these models will go in seconds. So be ready. Follow the link above and be ready to refresh the page at 6pm PST when the models list.

And whether you succeed or not in getting the Damaged Box items, you should still peruse the store. 1-day and 3-day auctions featuring some of the hardest-to-find Tomica Limited Vintage models will start at the same time. That will include Ferraris, Porsches, Super Silhouettes and more.

On top of that, other items in the store are discounted, and as always, Japan Booster offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world on all orders over $50. So grab what you want, maybe join a friend to combine orders, and take advantage of the free shipping.

I will drop anymore links on the Lamley Facebook Page as we go, but follow that link to the Damaged Box Sale and be ready at 6pm PST today. Good luck!

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