Lamley Awards 2019 Poll: What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2019?

Time to vote again!

Hopefully you have already voted on BEST & WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt in 2019, so now it is time to move to 2019 Hot Wheels Licensed New Models in 2019. This one is ALWAYS interesting.

There are two polls: BEST Licensed New Model and MOST DISAPPOINTING. BEST is self-explanatory. Pick the New Model you think is the best of the year. MOST DISAPPOINTING is a little different than “worst”. I want to know what model disappointed you the most. Maybe one you were looking forward to that didn’t cut it, or something similar. Sometimes folks just vote on the replica of the car they are not familiar with or just don’t like in real life. For a poll like this I like “most disappointing” more.

So here we go. The polls are below, followed by photos of each Licensed New Model introduced in the 2019 Basic Range. Watch the video above, look at the photos below, and cast your votes.

(Premium New Models next.)

22 Replies to “Lamley Awards 2019 Poll: What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2019?”

  1. Kinda hard. I admit, I bought many, many more HWs than MBX this year. And most of them were stuff that is essentially (and SHOULD be) MBX’s forte–Land Rovers, trucks, and Jeeps.

    Best for me is a tie between the Series III Land Rover, and the Unimog. Jeepster ain’t no slouch, either. I think the Ranger would have been better with a more simplistic livery.

    Dumbest, in a lot of ways, is the Pacifica. But still, pretty neat. When I see cars like the Roborace Robocar, I think they’re a generic. I guess it’s because I’m not extremely into video games; and those I do play typically focus on actual cars or generic versions of them.

  2. It is a tuff call but the best of the lot would be between the bugatti and the aston Martin . The worst would the thr ford raptor mainly due the deco and the Pacifica. It would have liked to see this a bit more stock but being a hotwheels it is what it is.

  3. Pacifica getting WAY more hate than it deserves. It’s a rad concept and a cool way to showcase the creativity of the designers and make people use their imaginations. Not my favorite but certainly not the worst. Whomever greenlit the A-class hatchback should have to double check their pulse because that is the beige Camry of new releases this year.

  4. Hope when Hot Wheels looks at this they understand that the disappointment in the Senna is because there are no headlights on it and the front it a bit weird. I personally still love it as it’s my favorite car in real life, but yeah it could have been better. I hope they improve on it and really want to see a premium version. Come on Hot Wheels Exotics!

    I voted for the Centenario as most disappointed actually. I would have preferred a roof, a better color, and there is just something weird about the back. Still a cool casting to have and I welcome any new Lambo. Would also like to see some improvements in this one and a premium version which had paint that looked like carbon would be amazing.

    For best it was a very tough choice as well. I love the Chiron, Vulcan, and 300zx castings. 3 of my favorite cars period and they are very well done. Hoping for premiums of all these of those as well. However, I went with the Jag. That stance is absolutely sick. The blue GameStop Exclusive is even better than the orange one. Such a cool casting and I’m almost surprised with myself that I’m picking it, because it not a casting I would say I was craving for. It’s just so damn cool though.

  5. when people voted Roborace Robocar as the worst new model, you know that humanity is doomed..

    my opinion… the robocar it’s one of the best new models… and not only for this year, it has an awesome detailing and shape (but there are lots of petrolheads out there) …. the castings that really deserves that place are

    Ranger Raptor: the lack of the correct decos, not even the original color, the accuracy it’s okay… but for a first edition… just mediocre…

    maclaren Senna: this casting it’s pretty decent… but without the headlights just make it looks awful.

    Chrysler Pacifica: …When this thing was released?… 100% forgettable… and it’s chrysler…

    ———————————————————– now the good ones—————–

    in my opinion the best ones (quality) are:.

    -Alpine A110
    -Roborace Robocar
    -Audi RS5 coupe
    -Lamborghini Centenario Roadster
    -Tesla Model 3

    best name (the model itself):

    -Bugatti Chiron
    -Nissan 300ZX
    -Lamborghini Centenario Roadster
    -Aston Martin Vulcan
    -Honda Civic Type R

    that’s all
    …for the moment…

    1. yes the senna looks awful without the headlights. Maybe they’ll add ’em, maybe not. If you don’t like it, just add the headlights and spoiler on yourself.
      Oh and BTW, is the front fender of the 9-pack McLaren Senna (orange) always have that messed up part above the wheel? I have had it before, and you can see it on the picture they took of it showing its side

  6. Easily my top three would be the Audi RS5 Coupe, the ’96 Porsche 911 Carrera, and surprisingly the Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback. The A Class is a casting that no one talks about or votes for but I just love the proportions and design of it. Plus, the front and rear detailing helps. The Carrera looks great in both decos, especially the blue with white wheels! It’s too bad I never found the Zamac version of the RS5 but the red one looks superb! Love the accuracy and simplicity! I’m also considering the Honda Civic Type R as a fav, since it’s dramatic looking both in real life and as a Hot Wheel.

    The most disappointing, no surprise, is the Ford Ranger Raptor. I think I can speak for everyone that we really wanted a stock deco, especially in its iconic Ford Blue paint scheme. I don’t know what they were thinking with the Chrysler Pacifica but it was a total failure right when the first pics showed up. The idea of modding a minivan never goes well. I’m also a little disappointed with the Tesla Model 3. The proportions are really off. I think it’s too pudgy and it’s very narrow in the rear. Plus those ugly flower wheels don’t help. I was so disappointed with it that I ended up returning both colors. It’s one of those castings that I can live without.

  7. I think this was a great year for new castings. My personal favs were the Chiron and 300ZX. Least favs goes to Pacifica, wish it would have been more stock like the Odyssey. With 3 color choices for the Ranger…couldn’t we have gotten 1 monochromatic? Or at least say Raptor like the F-150. I’ll keep waiting for a Ranger.

  8. It’s so difficult to pick a winner this year (the most difficult year yet) because there’s so many great models! But I have a top 3:

    1) Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo
    2) Jaguar Project 8
    3) Nissan 300ZX

    I chose the Panamera because when HW announced they were doing one, I expected it to be modified and ugly (like the Pacifica) but once I saw it in hand I was blown away by how nice it was! If it didn’t have a logo on the base it could fool me into thinking this was a Matchbox. And that says it all. The same applies to the Jaguar. Totally unexpected and out-of-left-field choice but it turned out to be awesome. The burnt orange with black 10sp just takes it to another level. Lastly, the 300ZX. We expected it to be awesome and it is. The only reason it’s not my winner is because it didn’t take me by surprise like the other two. My honourable mentions would be: Alpine, Velar, Chiron, RS5, A-class, Civic and 993.

    As for most disappointing model, it’s the Pacifica for me. It should’ve been stock with front and rear details and it’d be cool, but it’s not. And the blue windows aren’t helping. And although the racing livery is sweet, it doesn’t work here imo. Now I know many are voting for the Senna for the lack of tampos and all but considering how complicated it is IRL, I’ll let it pass. Once the Senna gets premium treatment (Forza cover car after all), I feel it’ll be liked a lot more. And having the grey one in hand, it’s grown on me more than I thought it would.

  9. Best models. I voted for the 300ZX. This model is so well done with the built in headlights and nice proportions and color choices. Amazing. There so many other great ones as well, but the 300ZX was so good that this was ultimately easy. Honorable mentions. Jaguar SV. Land Rover pickup. Porsche Carrera. Lamborghini Centenario. Honda Civic. Nova wagon gasser. Mazda Miata. Mercedes A-class. Porsche Panamera. Range Rover Velar. Renault Alphine. Telsa 3. 84 Audi (white version). All these are really nice models.

    Decent ones. CRX (needs headlights). Skyline (ditto). Senna (same). VW pickup (needs better livery). Audi S5 (busy wheels). Jeepster (needs better livery). 18 Mustang (stop using colored bases). Bugatti (back wheels like too big). Aston Martin Vulcan.

    Bad ones: I voted for the Pacifica. Why or why hot wheels? Terrible casting. Awful colors scheme combined with blue windows (as if the casting wasn’t busy and overdone enough). If you were going to do a sport minivan why not follow the lead of the awesome Honda Odyessey from a number of year ago. That one was awesome and had amazing decos.

    Honorable mentions: Ford Ranger. Why not give us a simple first colors with front and rear detail? Instead we get super busy graphics. Ugh. Decent casting though. Mercedes Unimog. Looks a bit cartoony. Mediocre decos and wheel choices. Copo Camaro. Can we get one Camaro that does not have staggered wheels? Why do all the Camaros look cartoony and unrealistic while there are now several Mustang with normal wheels? Even Maisto makes a better Camaro.

    One thing is really think Hot wheels needs is more basic wheels designs that are simpler. Many of the wheels are too busy, unrealistic, cheap looking and detract from otherwise nice castings. Matchbox was much better wheels.

  10. Everybody’s hating on the Pacifica, while I voted for it as the best new model.

    What’s not to love about a modified minivan? Hot wheels knows how to capture the imagination, and they knocked this one out of the park.

  11. Best: Alpine A110. Not a damn thing wrong with that casting at all, and it’s a phenomenal choice of car to make a model out of. It narrowly edged out the Range Rover Velar for me.

    Worst: Ranger Raptor. Could have easily avoided this fate if they’d done a stock-ish deco before throwing silly paint all over it. I know the Pacifica is also not a stock deco, but it’s just so absurd of a casting that I actually like it, so that leaves the Ranger.

    1. There is one thing wrong with the Alpine. It doesn’t have side mirrors. It’s a small detail but it makes a big difference. That is literally the only thing that keeps it from winning.

  12. It looks like I got all castings this year. Other then silly Chrysler mini casting they all are good other the ones the odd deco. It would be nice to see the raptor ranger with the new deco on it. It looks good from what i have seen.

  13. Wow, a really hard choice because there were so many great castings this year… I went for the 300ZX in the end, a great choice of an iconic model and the execution with the headlights and t-tops part of the window glass first rate… the CR-X and MX-5 were both great too… the taillight detail on the Honda and licence plate detail on the Mazda really nice touches…

  14. I’m no minivan fan, but I think the Pacifica is one of the most fun licensed New Models the HW team came up with this year, falling into the same kinda absurd category as the Honda Odyssey from a few years back and this year’s Jeep Commando. Obscure, slightly modified, and great execution~ The off-road Pacifica deserves more love!

    The Senna’s metal wing is (probably) even thicker than the cartoony one on the 1980’s Countach casting from my childhood, and the missing headlights and closed vents were a little disappointing for such a cool new hypercar. I also would have preferred the hardtop Centenario over the roadster, but still neat.
    Still, the Ranger was the biggest letdown of he class with the dated graphics, no headlights or emblems, and crummy yellow windshields, which were NOT JUST on the second release, but on the GameStop exclusive too… Hopefully its next release is more in-line with the real truck, because the subject matter really seems like it’s geared more towards us collectors and less towards kids.

  15. I don’t even know where to begin. Like others have mentioned, this has been one heckuva year for new models! I picked up 21 of the 28 new licensed castings, only passing on 7. And I have no idea how I’m going to pick one favorite. This may take a bit more time contemplating.

    Even my most disappointing model was a tough call. Generally, I am one who just votes for the model I most dislike, but I’m going to try to follow the outlined criteria this time.

    The Gasser is one I would never pick up regardless, so I can’t really say it was a disappointment. The Jeep I considered briefly. It’s an interesting obscure model, but I decided wasn’t relevant to my collection. The Pacifica and Ranger were also considered, but I ended up passing on. The Pacifica is a cool idea for sure – an off-road modded van! The blue paint is nice, but the deco is over the top and the brush guard and spare tire should have been black not silver. The blue windows seal the deal on my passing this over. The maroon recolor in 2020 is a bit more promising. The Ranger casting came out nice and I actually would have picked this one up, even not being much of a truck guy, were it done more stock. And yes, Ford blue is a must!

    I’m also not a huge muscle car guy. I have a few Camaros in my collection, but those are much more stock. Don’t really care for this COPO drag racing version. I am a VW guy and thought this Beetle pickup conversion was pretty neat when I first saw it revealed. Ultimately, I passed. That leaves the M-B Unimog. I do like the real Unimog and still hope to add one to my 1:64 collection some day, but this is not it. This was a huge disappointment. The racing mods to the casting and the racing graphics just ruin it for me. As others have mentioned, it looks too much like a cartoon.

  16. First I voted for the 300ZX, which is a great model, but I have since acquired a few more of these and have to say the Jag XE is now my #1. Just perfect. The only other candidate I’m still trying to get is the Panamera, and that is excluded from my ranks for now.

    I was also blown away by new acquisitions Velar and CRX. Surprisingly the 300ZX is now down to #3.

    1. Jag XE
    2. Velar
    3. 300ZX
    4. CRX
    5. Centenario
    6. Chiron

    Surprised how far in front the Chiron is. I think the others have it beat by a good margin.

    Most disappointing was an easy choice – Senna.

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