Just Released: Hot Wheels 2020 Car Meet 5-pack

Keep your eyes open for this one. My friend Ben Wright from Australia found the next Car Meet 5-pack, and it is a good one.

Among the treats, a Datsun 510 (older casting with separate grill) in a similar deco to its Wagon counterpart released in 2019, a racing BMW 2002, and a Mustang with a Julian Koiles (Car Culture Card Art extraordinaire) racing theme.

You’ll notice the Kaido House logo on the 510. That is Jun Imai’s brand, which means a preview And some background from him too. Nice Pete Rock & CL Smooth drop as well.

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5 packs have been strong. I gotta show some love for the 2002. I created the casting in 2012 and have always held it in high regard; it’s up there with the 510. Did you know I almost purchased a M42 swapped 2002 5 years ago? It was clean, built right, even lowered on vintage SSR’s, but I ended up with my 911 instead. Not complaining, but I’ll snag a 2002 someday! I look forward to adding the #KAIDOHOUSE touch to these two along with the cars out of the Nightburnerz 5 pack. Need to wrap up some pending card art (yes, still doing them!) along with a few commissioned projects, and my Tokyo cars… then I can finally work on a few personal projects. 😄 Nice work on the deco and selections @leewayc keep those Kaidohouse logos coming 😉😉😜😜

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We should see this soon here in the States.

7 Replies to “Just Released: Hot Wheels 2020 Car Meet 5-pack”

  1. Honestly, I’m not too crazy about it. I don’t like the graphics on most of them or the castings themselves. I’m sure it’s still gonna be highly sought after since it has the Datsun 510 in it. I’d rather take that 5 pack next to it, the newest Exotics 5 Pack. Four out of five I really like. I say that because I am sick and tired of that Aston Martin V8 Vantage always making its way into every exotics 5 pack! They need to retire that casting! It’s getting old seeing it year after year! There’s so many other castings they could be using but instead they play the recycling game!

  2. This will be a tough set for me to pick up. The 2002 is sweet, blue-rimmed wheels notwithstanding. The 510 is also nice, it’s just I’m not all that crazy for the deco. What is nice, is how the graphics tie back into the earlier 510 Wagon. I always like it when they do that, even though this particular look is not my favorite. As for the American Muscle, I have no interest in those. Doubly so because of the loud graphics.

  3. Absolutely nothing of interest to me here. (which is kinda sad cause last year’s pack was awesome). The only two cars worth getting were the BMW and Corvette but they’ve been ruined by ugly graphics so nope, this pack can stay on the pegs.

    I’d rather take that exotics pack, but like Connor said, I’m tired of seeing that same Aston Martin over and over again (have HW signed a deal or something to use that every single year?). The Jag and Cadillac are boring too but at least they’re new. What is worth picking up is the GT3 RS and F1! Those two look nice and are models I collect and hopefully I’ll find them soon!

  4. I’m disappointed with both the Car Meet and Exotics packs. Last year’s Car Meet was a great set, but I’d really only be interested in 2002 from this one, and 1 out of 5 is not enough for me to justify buying one. Gonna have to let that one go.

    The Exotics pack is worth picking up, on the strength of the bottom 3 cars (yeah, I’m tired of seeing the Aston in every Exotics pack too, but at least it’s a good casting in a somewhat restrained deco). The Caddy is an odd choice for an “exotics” collection, and the Jag has very well documented proportion issues (mostly the awful track-optimized nose job). I am ALWAYS game for another 911 GT3 and F1 in my collection though.

    Why are comments disabled on the Best/Worst Treasure Hunt post???

  5. I think there’s a bit too many tampos on the models in this pack. My main criticism of HW is that they take a nice casting, then use the ugliest tampos and wheels they can find. And even when a casting’s first releases are clean and realistic, the issue following it has to be over-saturated with ugly tampos.

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