Rapid Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2020 C Case

Just a quick drop in to show you the just-released Hot Wheels 2020 C Case. Wheel Collectors got thief shipment and sent over photos. I put this in a video to start, and I will post pics soon:

You can find all of these at Wheel Collectors.

The two chase models to look for:

7 Replies to “Rapid Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2020 C Case”

  1. Here’s the question, WHERE’S THE B CASE? It should’ve hit stores a long time ago! I haven’t found any new basics in three months! Mattel’s distribution is at an all time low! It literally gets worse and worse every single year! Not one store has anything new right now. Walmarts don’t even have their holiday dump bins that they get before Thanksgiving! And Targets are going backwards and restocking with J case that came out in May! What is going on? So every time when Hot Wheels has the nerve to unveil a new batch when most of the country can’t even get their hands on them because of their wonky distribution, I get infuriated!

  2. While I can understand that some people like to see motion, why can;t you just go back to just showing photos of the picks 3-by-3? I like to take screenshots to have in my phone as a list of models to look out for, and the video format makes that infinitely tougher.

    1. Oh, the complaining. Right. Okay. Thing is though, this is a terrific site loaded with free content, thoughtfully, passionately, creatively presented, and still there’s moaning and snarkitude because the photos you’re lifting, photos someone else has taken, don’t meet your standards? Astonishing. How about a little gratitude?

  3. I so rarely speak up on online forums as a general rule, but here we are. What’s my beef? Glad you asked! Here’s the Lamley Group. A site thoughtfully crafted, with passion and care, at no real cost to the readers and which must absolutely just take a crapload of time to put together but instead of saying “Thanks, John, for everything you do to make this hobby enjoyable and worthwhile, for trying to foster a healthy community of collectors and designers and making it all look so pretty” we get “I’m kinda pissed off because I can’t easily export the content you generate for my own personal use so can you get right on that yeah okay thanks.” Is that about right? Sorry but that kind of moaning bugs the crap out of me. Like driving, this place is a privilege, not a right. I can’t and won’t speak for John, who is, insofar as I tell, a far more generous and patient man than I, but cripes, that kind if nonsense critique is, to my way of thinking, uncalled for and ungrateful.

  4. – Cool error (Dodge Dart missing whole rear axle)
    – It feels wrong complaining about a licensed casting, but that ’65 Mustang Convertible is RIPE for retirement. Flashy new wheels are not keeping it fresh, and it’s even more pointless now that the hood doesn’t even open anymore
    – I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for the Volvo Turbo Brick. I have quite a soft spot for that one, being the former owner of a ’97 850 Wagon in very ’90s Forest Green. I appreciate the homage to the real-life race car’s livery, but my fingers remain crossed for a stock deco as well.

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