An early look at the upcoming Matchbox Bugatti Divo.

The Matchbox Team dropped this goodie salad on Instagram yesterday:

Lots to take in (Civic!), and most of these are partial teases. Of course that model in the back held together by a rubberband is the one that had me – and a ton of you – intrigued. The Bugatti Divo stole the show when the Matchbox Team announced it at the Gathering last July, and anticipation has been sky high.

I saw that early prepro in the photo, so I asked about it, and the Matchbox Team was nice enough to take a few pics for me to share with you. This is an early prototype, so pay no attention to the color of the body or the interior. All those details are coming. For now, enjoy these photos of the actual casting.

And it isn’t far away. It is slated for Mix 4. Remember Matchbox mixes come out every 2 months, so look for it next spring (or next fall for you folks in the Southern Hemisphere).

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  1. One small detail in the casting detail, the rear spoiler. It would be nice see it a bit better done but chances are it is due to kid safety rules . Overall I what one!

  2. Better wheels than the HW Chiron, at least they are the same size. Why do Mattel insist on putting larger back wheels on cars that never had them in the first place ?

  3. Wow they did a pretty good job with this casting. My only hope is that they don’t skimp on the color accents because that’s what makes this car IMO. Would love it to look like the reveal model. Pumped for it either way!

  4. One casting I would like go see would be the bugatti eb110. I had model of from Bburago in 1/24 scale like the clean simple limes of the design.

  5. Nice one !…. Now more places to purchase. Not just Tesco as and when you can…. I can’t believe Mattel are allowing cheap cheap sh#t like HTI to take all shelf space in outlets here. Let this brand bounce up. Like EWYS Merc…. Do more themed…charity and so on. G.O.S.H..?….. As above a vast improvement.

  6. The casting looks great, like most of the new models do. But I wish Matchbox would chrome parts where chrome is supposed to be. Can’t stand the cheap looking plastic bumpers on 50s/60s/70s/80s cars any more! Plastic on a Mazda CX-5 base is fine, looks awesome. But a 60s Ranchero with plastic bumper ? Oh come on…

  7. As a supercar fan, I’m very happy Matchbox chose to do this and it’s coming along really well. I see good details in the casting and knowing Matchbox, I’m expecting good tampos as well. My only complaint (yes I have one) is the wheels seem too small, especially the rears. But other than that, I’m very much looking forward to this one!

    P.S. – I really wish after this they also do the EB110. That car deserves more love.

  8. Great looking car! The team did a nice job. It’s unfortunate about the rear wing being filled in, but overall, it can be overlooked. What I also found interesting was the grill and taillight section being part of the windscreen. Does this mean we’ll get this with black windows?

    Like Jeff said, it would be great to get this in the debut livery – satin gray with turquoise accents. I can imagine Matchbox doing it in metallic gray, with a turquoise base, as seen in the prototype above. That would be a bit disappointing, as the chassis is showing far more areas of blue than the minimal accents on the real car. But what are you gonna do? This is a $1 kids’ toy after all. We’re not going to get the level of fine detailing seen on the true thing.

  9. A little work of art that fits in your hand’s. With all the air flows and aerodynamics which looks complicated to recreate into toy car. Wow. This Bugatti is going to be popular. As above for the selection as a whole and how this brand is changing back. Nice one. Only thing is the availability by case counts and each country availability. … Hopefully available at not just Tesco for a wider audience too. Hats off to Tesco for what they are doing to keep this brand ticking over. Fair pricing and time traveled to 2020 in the mainline. Of which is popular and of nice selection.Still missed out on so much as a whole.

    1. Home Bargains has Jurassic World 5 packs at £4.99. With Mattel India stickers…Mumbai…… Maximum
      retail price… Rps…649\-…. Import 05/2018….. How?!….. Anyhows different kind of packaging and ????…… Just hope more Matchbox powergrabs and etc turn up…..??….

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