Lamley Awards 2019 Poll: What was the BEST & WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt in 2019?

The 2019 Lamley Awards are here!

As we do every year, collectors come together to vote our favorites and least favorites of 2019. This year’s Lamley Awards will be our biggest yet, with several more categories added to represent other diecast makers, so stay tuned throughout the next few weeks as the polls drop.

We start, as always, with Hot Wheels, and more specifically Super Treasure Hunts. The Supers always generate a ton of interest among collectors, from leaks to finds to whatever. Everyone has an opinion. So it is time to express them.

There are two polls today – BEST and WORST Super Treasure Hunt. You can make up your own criteria for what constitutes best and worst, of course, but I would consider more than the casting you like the best. How nice is the enhancement from basic to Super? Overall looks? Model choice? Spectraflame color? You decide, and vote below.

Here are the polls, with photos of each Super along with its Basic counterpart for reference. Thanks for voting!