Here are my Five Favorite Hot Wheels Fords & Ferraris. What are yours?

I figured there would be a lot of Ford/Ferrari content this week, considering the movie will be here this weekend. I decided I wanted to join the fray as well.

I could race them, but I have one track and why start now? What I can do is list my favorites, in true #lamleyhype fashion. So that is what I did.

I picked my five favorite Hot Wheels Ford and Ferrari models. Not castings, but specific releases. And as a bonus, my favorites from other brands as well.

I hope you disagree, and you most likely will, so post your list below. I might have a few of those “oh yeah” moments. I hope I do.


3 Replies to “Here are my Five Favorite Hot Wheels Fords & Ferraris. What are yours?”

  1. Love the pick of the Supervan. Such a great casting that has been relegated to the horrible job of being a canvas for Star Wars and cartoons for HotWheels. Thank goodness they let the 1st version be perfect.

    And the Ferrari 250 California!

    Can you see that car and not hear in your head “Check-checkachegga…doobowbow….doobowbow” from Ferris B??!

    But that friggin’ door stop Torino…ugggh…just not a fan of many 70s car designs from American Muscle era. And that thing epitomized horrible lines akin to the bell bottoms people were wearing at the time. I get the love for the power the cars had but the body styles were so hideous.

    I wish we could post pics here, but I hope it is ok to take this topic to the RLC photos forum and use it as a topic launch for the new forum engine. Now I gotta go home and dig thru my boxes to come up with 5 for both (no surprise which will be my top Ferrari).

  2. These are mostly solid choices…I would’ve gone with the one-year-older ’64 Galaxie from Vintage Racing instead of the ’65. Like Darren above, the Torino isn’t really my thing, but I’m definitely happy with the top choice of Supervan. The details are just right on that one.

    The Ferrari choices are almost spot-on too…the 308 GTS I feel is an underrated casting, and one I feel never looked better than in the mainline. The 250 GTO is just about as close to perfection as Hot Wheels has ever gotten, and I would’ve stuck it in the top spot personally. I take issue with two Ferraris here though – The 250 California and the 599XX. The 599 I simply feel is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great casting, but the mythic status it’s taken on is completely disproportionate to its objective strengths, and I think is more due to the scarcity of the ZAMAC version than anything else. I have several of the mainline versions as well as one of the more pedestrian Speed Machines versions, and that’s enough for me.

    The one I disagree with the most (Ford or Ferrari) is the California. I’m gonna have to go ahead and be the unpopular voice of opinion here and say this is one of the worst Ferrari castings Hot Wheels has done, and all of my problems with it happen from the doors forward. The front end sits WAY too high, and the placement of the headlights is completely wrong, making it look as though they’re pointing straight at the sky. A cursory glance at a picture of the real car is almost painful when compared to the Hot Wheels. That casting was a missed opportunity. I get that the closed-headlight look (as opposed to the exposed headlight version) is hard to replicate in 1:64, but I have a hard time believing they couldn’t make it more convincing.

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