Hot Wheels 36-count cases with exclusive colors are now available at GameStop online.

Collector Days have shifted from Kmart to GameStop, and the special 36-count cases are available now:

Hot Wheels exclusive 36-count cases at GameStop.

Not all GameStops will be holding the event, so this is the best way to ensure you get the exclusives. And who knows, maybe a Treasure Hunt or Super might be in there too. Good luck.

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  1. I sure wish there were some way to find out which stores where hosting this event. The GameStop website is all but useless. Has anyone had any luck by typing in a zip code or city/state on the website? It seems you have to know the exact city or zip of the stores that are hosting in order to get back a search result. Nearest I can tell, there is a GameStop about an hour away that will have the event. Of course I have 20 or more GameStops much closer than that. I could throw a rock from here and hit like 5 or 6. I guess I’ll just have to check with all my local stores to get more info.

      1. No, that isn’t it either. I type in “OR” for Oregon and get a long list of 46 stores across the U.S., only 1 in Oregon. Maybe that IS the full list?

  2. has a pdf list of stores. 2 stores close by me but 35 miles to the nearest event, not even a major city. Just ordered a case online.

    1. THANK YOU! Turns out there are actually 2 stores in my state hosting this event. For some reason the store a mile away didn’t come up on, but is listed on the list. So glad I won’t have to drive an hour away!

  3. what a surprise, The site is not available for anyone outside the UK – because it is not secure and has/can be hacked – hey ho

    1. No surprises at all Jon sadly, we Brits are obviously only worthy of basic Mainline fodder. Heaven forbid there are tens of thousands of collectors in this country like your goodself who are happy to spend sizeable amounts of money on more premium series stuff 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

      1. Indeed Craig – You too – LOL – i am getting fed up ordering stuff from the USA and spending as much on post as it costs for the models, it clearly shows how mattel really do not give a monkeys left doo dah for anyone outside the USA, and that is so very short sighted, and stupid.

  4. Horrible just horrible. I just got a case from gamestop and they shipped it to me in just a box!! No padding, no extra box.. nothing. Very disappointed

  5. They also didnt send a receipt with it so does anyone know if you can use the packing list receipt for the mail in?

      1. Are you talking about when I order the box and they sent me an order number and a tracking number?

  6. Exclusive mixes for US-only stores is a total crock. Turns me off collecting. They’re impossible to get outside of the US without resorting to eBay and ludicrous shipping costs. In Australia we even have to pay GST on top of it all.

  7. Its like Mattel does not give two hoots about anyone except the precious US of A Buyer, well, there are more buyers for their products in the rest of the world than in the US of A – so surely they are hurting their bottom line, do the shareholders know this, or does that Moron in charge TRUMP, want the US of A to become so insular that nothing ever gets sold outside of it – if so, then i look forward to Ford leaving Europe, and all the other tat that comes from there, gets an horrendous tax added.

    1. We do miss out on a lot that Mattel offers. The worldwide coverage isn’t that great. When we do get themed its overpriced here or by O.O.D stuff from elsewhere like in Home bargains…. I’m still waiting for the HWs Boris and the clowns selection pack. Maybe in Europe?!….

  8. GameStops are among the most populous stores in my area–there is one practically in every town big enough to have a Walmart, and in many cases, in the same shopping center. But, they are all small, and too small to carry much more than video games, consoles, and accessories. None of the close to a dozen in a two hour radius of me were doing this event. I honestly don’t get Mattel’s rationale for selecting partners for these types of events. Took them forever to discontinue the relationship with Kmart, after the majority of stores closed (and ours is still empty after 5 years). Kroger, not everywhere, and they’ve been closing stores like crazy around here; primarily due to old, deteriorated buildings and labor disputes. In my area, Dollar Generals are the most prevalent national chain–there’s always been several, and they’re opening a new store or two every year. But, those aren’t in some parts of the US, either. And, are understaffed. Walmart would probably be the best choice, but I doubt they could run it properly. It would probably end up being a bigger farce than the last K-Day I went to. Make that every one I went to.

  9. I see that this site is now going down the pan, when it used to have something new most days its been weeks now since anything new has been posted, especially when other sites have had so many new posts – oh well, maybe Mattel will allow those sites all the freebie stuff to showcase from now on. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. There were some hints about the time of this post that this Blob might wind down. I certainly hope it doesn’t. I prefer this format over youtube and facebook pages. I get that it is easier to put up a video on a channel and link to FB. It probably also generates more traffic and ( I hope for John’s sake) some revenue.

      But there was something more comfortable and artistic about the postings here. If it is dead I hope we get an official type announcement. Let us know John. 🙂

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