Matchbox unveils the last mix of 2019. It’s loaded.

Matchbox dropped this on Instagram today:

That is the final mix of the year, due this fall. As is the case now, all Matchbox mixes from now on will be unique, meaning no holdovers from previous mixes. That allows for the space between mixes to be longer, meaning you have a better chance to get the models you want from the mix. And you will want a lot of these.

We will feature these as we get closer, but for now enjoy these pics from the Matchbox Team.

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  1. I have a few Matchbox in my collection. I usually collect HWC/RLC Cars mostly. I like em all. That VW Bug is 😎. But that Scenic Cruise Bus is B.A. It will go great with my other MB Scenic Cruise that recently came out. Now we need one to come out with the RLC treatment. 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

  2. Plastic bodies, No interiors, Blue windows for light bars, Grey plastic on classics… Please bring back the charm of Matchbox.

    1. They need a higher price point in order for them to be made with the old level of quality, which honestly is fine by me. I’ll pay $2 for a car with a chrome base, visible interior and more metal. Unfortunately, there is most likely a demand for the $1 price point from the average consumer.

  3. I’ve found every mainline Hot Wheel I wanted this year but never found the Matchbox International ambulance, BMW 2002 or the blue VW bug. Here’s hoping this Christmas season Dollar General comes through.

  4. Yeah, this is case is loaded……loaded with crap! I have to agree with King Joe’s comment on plastic bodies, grey plastic on classics, no interiors, etc. It’s not the same brand anymore. I miss the golden age of Matchbox (2005-2011) when cars were mostly metal bodies, chrome bases, great detailing, had realism, and most importantly, were distributed well!

  5. At least the Subaru SVX won’t display the CRAP plastic like the VW Bug or the Austin Healey! No chrome when needed.. how cheap & degrading can you get MBX?

    Oh yeah .. love the crap plastic in place of good ole diecast metal. It’s not like these cars have to meet strict CAFE fuel conservation standards because you have to lighten things up.. what a joke.

    What better way to ‘DUMB DOWN’ a product than to replace the characteristic qualities of a diecast by eliminating metal content & using PLASTIC in it’s place.
    It’s all going down hill ladies & gentlemen when a quality company has to resort to sub standard tactics to help ruin it not just for collectors, but for children as well!

    The future is looking dim from here on!

  6. I’m definitely going to be looking for the GMC Scenic Cruiser, Dodge D100, Polaris Slingshot, Subaru SVX, Ford Explorer, and MBX Backhoe.

    I love the decos they chose for the Scenic Cruiser and the Dodge D100. I would’ve preferred a black-and-white police paint job on the Explorer, but I guess that will have to wait for another release. The backhoe gets my attention because 1) it’s a new model and 2) it’s in the Ranec colors. If it comes again later as INC construction I might get that one, too…but I think that will be it for me and this model.

  7. I collect police and fire cars and VW beetles so I will get those. Probably the two buses and the Slingshot as well as the pickup truck.

  8. Can’t wait for the SVX and the Slingshot, and….that’s about it. There’s a few others I’ll pick up (namely the INC drill thingy, and the Dodge pickup) but I wouldn’t exactly call this case “loaded”. Last case of the year going out with a whimper rather than a bang.

  9. Last?…….. what was the first?….we just received our first case UN? or red cross?.?.. 1 dollar… what more do you guys and girls want…. for me i understand the plastics and so on….! !…. its nearly an all star cast above….

  10. £1 I found the aveling barford road roller at a boot sale .. The no,1…. To the 75….. How sad how history has become….. Mattel killed and played god ….. Alienated the brand…. Hey ho a thousand years time the plastic will be dug up…. Or float to our shores and they would say “Mattel?…… Oh they killed the matchbox brand.”….. Also what’s a For UKing?!….

  11. Bus & the Dodge Pickup. However, the Dodge will need to be drilled and fitted with a different under carriage… that lifted look is silly 😛

  12. No carryovers, meaning only 1 all-new Subaru SVX casting per case, never to be repeated in that color/deco. Great! Collecting the Matchbox I want just went from challenging to darn near impossible. I guess I better prepare myself for paying the scalpers $50 for this car on eBay.

  13. thank you so much for all that you show on this site…it keeps me on my toes in looking out for the next batch of HW or MBX at the local stores. I just ran into the 2019 MBX Jeep series at a local Wally World..could you do a feature on that?

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