Showcase: Greenlight Limited Edition Midnight Drags 1989 Ford Mustang 5.0

I don’t show a lot of Greenlight here, not because I don’t like it as many have asked, but because I don’t collect a lot of them. I do collect these Foxbody Mustangs however.

LBE Exclusives has collaborated with Greenlight for several 3-car Foxbody sets, all of which were made available at SURPLUSgoodies, a Lamley Partner. I’ll admit I may not have known about then if Jimmy a SG hadn’t told me about them, but I am glad he did. Each set gets better and better, and this latest set, Midnight Drags, goes full next level.

Here is a video showcase, with photos coming. These are highly limited – just over 1000 made – so go grab a set if are interested:

Greenlight Midnight Drags Mustangs at SURPLUSgoodies:

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  1. These are unquestionably nice cars- popular casting- colorful too. I just don’t see anything to justify the $20.00 price point though. Greenlight will eventually produce plenty of Fox bodies to satisfy the masses at the normal $5-6 range. I’ll wait until that happens.

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