Hopefully Hot Wheels doesn’t mess with the Bugatti Chiron deco in future releases. There are too many cool versions to do.

The standard seems to be this:

Hot Wheels creates the first release of a basic licensed New Model in a stock or stock-like deco. There is a good chance a recolor is done in the same way. But after that, releases could be in all kinds of made up graphics. Custom stripes for example.

Mixing it up works. The side silhouette of a model as it sits in the blister is obviously important for those passing the pegs looking for a $1 toy to buy. Grab their attention and compel them to snag it. But card art is helping more than ever, with individual renderings on the card to attract attention as well.

So to me, that means more stock versions, if applicable. Enter the Bugatti Chiron.

This is a fabulous new model, hitting stores now, and it doesn’t need anymore hype. The collector world is ready to gobble it up. Hot Wheels in introducing it in a beautiful deep blue stock look, with the iconic front grill and side silver trim. It’s fantastic. It doesn’t appear that a second color is planned for 2019, so we wait and see what happens in 2020. I hope we see it again, just like this, only in a new color.

Two-tone would be ideal, but for a $1 car that can’t happen. Premium it can.

I mention all this because I saw these fantastic renderings by Lamley Reader Tanishq Chauhan yesterday on the LGG Facebook Group. He took the photograph above, edited in Y5 basic wheels, and had his way with all kinds of colors and combinations. The Chiron, like the Veyron before it, was built to don any color, so there is your customization. No need to add extra stripes or anything. Tanishq‘s photos show all the other things Hot Wheels can do.

By the way, Tanishq is darn good photographer of the real cars. You should follow him:

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Okay guys, some of you must've noticed (even if no one did, it's okay lol) that I wasn't posting regularly during the last one month. Well, this is why. Me and @krtkphotography were in Dubai, shooting this beautiful Bugatti Chiron Sport. It was an amazing experience and one of the best shoots of my life. Thanks to my mate and inspiration @immaulik_akhaja for helping us out in Dubai. Special thanks to @bugatti.uae for the opportunity. . . . . . . Okay, whatever I wrote above is horseshit and the car in the picture is a scale model. _________________________________ #Autogespot #Amazingcars247 #blacklist #carporn #caroftheday #Dailycarspost #CarMad #Supercarsdaily700 #carlifestyle #MadWhips #supercars #motor_head_ #DriveTastefully #SuperCarsInIndia #india #dubai #GFWcomp #Supercar #Cars247 #hypercar #bugattichironsport #chironsport #bugatti #bugattichiron #chiron

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Here are all the renderings he did. Collecting the Chiron could be a blast. Which one do you want to see first?

11 Replies to “Hopefully Hot Wheels doesn’t mess with the Bugatti Chiron deco in future releases. There are too many cool versions to do.”

  1. Fantastic work as usual from Tanishq. I’ll go with the all white as long as it’s infused with pearls.. one question though, when do they decide on the variations destined for each casting? Would the recolour variations for this year be already decided? If not, i hope someone from Mattel is reading this and saying “Stop Press!”.

  2. Those are awesome. I would love to see the one with the black or navy blue back with the lighter blue in the front. You always see the Chiron in this color and it’s awesome.

    Agreed that they should just keep them stock with no deco. It’s not needed and you honestly don’t see this car in real life with any sort of deco.

    But I do have a question, why would it have to be a premium release in order for it to be a two tone look? We see tons of Hot Wheels cars with two tone looks. Hell we saw the Veyron’s in two tone looks years ago. Why not now?

  3. They are all 😎. The Red & Black one reminds me of my 2003-FIRST EDITION one the same color that I have tucked away in a protector. Cannot wait to see one of these BADBOYS as an RLC Exclusive. I hope soon.

  4. Those all look nice. I would rather see HW do a 1930s Royale or a Type 252. When a Bugatti was TRULY a Bugatti. Did you ever see the YouTube video where an idiot is driving a modern Bugatti on a beach and drives it right into the surf? HYSTERICAL!!!

  5. The new 2016 Bugatti chiron is a great new casting. 👍I’m on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. 👍And I would like to see the 2016 Bugatti chiron come out in all of those colors. 👍

  6. If Mattel is Mattel, they’ll do the Mattel thing before too long and trash a car that should always be minimal tampo. They do it on dang near every licensed casting they put out. Not everything needs flames. Not everything needs “muscle mania” stripes. When you have gorgeous cars, keep them stock or use proper tampos. Don’t throw the goofy crap on every car that runs down the assembly line.

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