How about another non-Ferrari Tomica Limited Vintage: Mitsubishi Galant GTO 2000 GSR

I’m having too much fun just staring at my Tomica Limited Vintage wall display trying to figure out what models to shoot for this blog. The purpose is to jump a little deeper into TLV, flying right past the Ferraris, RX-7s, and 787b’s that have demanded so much attention.

But I haven’t gotten that deep. We are still in the shallow end. A Cedric Police Car, a Celica, and now what essentially equates a Dodge Colt. It’s a dive, but it ain’t deep. But it is still fun. If you like this I will keep going. Actually I am going to keep going. I like to revisit all these awesome models.

So the Mitsubishi Galant. I might swing back around to other colors, some of which I have already featured on the blog at some point, but I like this white one. You can look up the history of the car, but my point in these posts is to show the photos. And this thing is rad.

It says Celica for some, Mustang for others, Colt for a few nerds, and Galant for quite a few of you. And check out, as always, the details. The wheels, the grill, the tail lights. And while I didn’t photograph it, there is another Galant, same color, same silhouette, just a few different details. Still, a totally different model. That is TLV.

(Find Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster)

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  1. Ugh, I was JUST looking at one of these 3 minutes ago. I have the green and purple-ish/maroon one and I’m a big fan of the overall design. I think the white might be the best color of the lot.

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