Hot Wheels L Case Highlights, including a trio of fantastic new models

The last couple of cases seemed to tell us Hot Wheels was closing up shop for 2019, giving us recolors and a random new model. And then BAM! A Class, Lamborghini, and one hell of a Panamera.

So a video of the highlights first, and photos coming (you’ll see on the video I’ve already taken them). Enjoy:

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  1. Awesome L Case cars and trucks you open up and you reviewed congrats. 👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  2. My favorite is the A Class. I will still definitely keep an eye out on the rest. Still waiting on K case at the moment and I think the whole rest of the country is for that matter.

  3. These are all my picks of the litter as well. Except for the Street Creeper. Couldn’t care less about that one, Super or not.

    But I’m a bit conflicted. I’d say my favorite is the Lamborghini, which is odd because I didn’t think much of the Centenario concept car. For whatever reason though, it looks fantastic in 1:64 scale and in this color. On the other hand, I absolutely love the real-life Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo and was excited to hear it was coming to Hot Wheels, but am not completely sold on the final execution. The casting looks well proportioned, but maybe a bit soft in the details. Might just be the color choice. Again, this is odd because I love just about every real car I see in this gloss “primer” gray, but here it just seems to be blah. Also, in every picture I’ve seen, the headlight surrounds on this Hot Wheels are lumpy, with flash that has not been smoothed off. Makes me wish for painted-on headlights rather than having them built into the windshield piece. Though that always poses a difficult to manage alignment issue. I’m hoping the recolor will breathe a bit more excitement into this one for me.

    The Mercedes A-Class is just about perfect. I always love a good hot hatch! Perfectly clean with no graphics other than headlights, grill, taillights and badges. It looks nice in white, but I think I’d prefer some color. I absolutely loved the debut Audi Sport Quattro in white and was excited to see we were getting a recolor. From the first photos however, I thought this was black. Now that I see it’s actually dark green, I’m not really sure how I feel. It looks nice, but it’s not a color I generally associate with Audi or with this rally legend. The Escort rally on the other hand looks great in black.

    I was excited at first for the BMW M2, feeling the M-Sport stripe down the side was a perfect amount of added graphics. But learning the front and back tampos were given in trade for this is disappointing. For as nice as that stripe is, I would not have chosen it over headlights, taillights and grill. Looks like I’ll be needing to do some customizing paintwork when I get this one home.

    I know I nitpick, but all of these beauties are still coming home with me. If I can find them.

  4. Ahch! That M2 desperately needs attention paid to the front. I’d rather see front/rear details than the stripe if I was forced to pick. It just looks so blank. Potential yes, but as Speedeeone says it looks like your on your own with that.

  5. Found the Mercedes Benz A Class at the wal mart same place as the Matchbox cars I picked up. It looks great as well. It goes well my matchbox 1998 Mercedes Benz A class model I have. It shows how much this has has changed in design over time. The red 300 zx twin turbo was also picked up. It looks good too.

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