Auto World makes its 2019 debut with Premium Release 1, and it is available at SURPLUSgoodies now.

Call it pre-Squarebody.

The Auto World Chevy Trucks are coming, and from the vibe I am getting, it will be the Auto World equivalent of TLV’s Ferraris. Something completely new, and very exciting.

But as I have said with the TLV Ferraris, let the Squarebodies be the entry, and then immerse yourself in the fantastic world of AW. 2019 Premium Release 1 is a great way to do that.

(Find Auto World 2019 Premium Release 1 at SURPLUSgoodies)

Six castings, in two colors each, in two mixes. One thing I mention in the video is the one of the joys of AW is putting all the colors of each casting together. Makes me think of an American car dealership back in the day, with a plethora of colors to choose from, far beyond the whites, blacks, and greys on the car lots today.

Anyway, grab a few of these from this mix – SUPRLUSgoodies has them listed now – and get yourself AW-acclimated before you jump headfirst into the Silverados. You will be glad you did.

3 Replies to “Auto World makes its 2019 debut with Premium Release 1, and it is available at SURPLUSgoodies now.”

  1. I wish I could find place buy Autoworld in Canada other then ebay. Now one like Wal-Mart sells in Southern Ontario.

  2. Another fine release from my second favorite modern diecast company (Tomica TLV remains at the top). For those not finding these in the shops, save time and gas and buy online There are several really good companies like who have all these in stock and ship quickly. They often break up the cases and sell the cars as singles.

  3. I used to fairly reliably be able to find AutoWorld at Walmart, but the couple stores within reasonable range of where I live seem to have stopped carrying these? Is anyone else seeing this?

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