Some Supers just stand out more than others. That is the case with the ’69 Corvette Racer.

Remember when collectors were complaining that most of the Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts were red? It was true. A lot of them were.

Things have changed a bit. Hot Wheels introduced a new spectraflame paint for Supers this year, and not only does it look good, but it has allowed for more colors. Browns and whites and greens and teals for example.

But red still rocks.

The ’69 Corvette Racer Super TH is coming in the 2019 J Case, and it reminds us why so many Supers are red. They just look awesome.

The casting is cool, but there are definitely Hot Wheels Corvettes I like more. And the basic is fine, but this Super is off the charts.

I don’t review everything. Some think this blog is a diecast review site. It isn’t. I will write about what I like and what I find interesting or newsworthy. I find with this Super it is both. I really like it, and it is interesting to be reminded how nice red is. There should always be a few red Supers.

I really can’t decide what my favorite 2019 Super is so far, but this one is up there.

6 Replies to “Some Supers just stand out more than others. That is the case with the ’69 Corvette Racer.”

  1. This is a fantastic Super. I have only come across one Super in my short period as a collector but I really hope to come across this one. It is great.

  2. Awesome 1969 Corvette racer super treasure hunt you reviewed congrats. 👍This is one of the best super treasure hunts for 2019.👍I will be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  3. This is a beautiful super indeed. A lot of times the supers (due to the spectraflame paint) tend to look a bit thick and off but this is doesn’t.

    Also this one will sit very nicely with the Greenwood Corvette from Silhouettes.

  4. Gotta admit, this is the first I actually can say that I like. I own two Supers, the green Twin Mill; and the copper colored Greenwood ‘Vette; they’re OK; but not exactly something I really like. But, I did find them locally and pay just a buck each.

  5. I only have 1 super that I really like. The green ’70 Superbird. Excellent choice of wheels and tires on that one.

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