Preview: 2019 Matchbox Moving Parts Mix 3

How quickly have we gotten used to Matchbox sporting the opening parts again? Seems like a natural fit does it not?

Mix 3 has hit in Australia, and will hit elsewhere soon, and this mix is certainly the biggest and most diverse. We have seen a mixture of throwback models and new castings, and this batch continues that theme. Three recolors, three new castings, one of which is a throwback.

I have a feeling all will be popular, from the Tesla to the C10 to the 280ZX. Mattel sent them over for a preview, so here you go. (Photos coming.)

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  1. All Simply lovleh!… The Datsun 280 zx is awesome… Looks retro. Shame, in 1978 the original no67 toy was in the normal 75 lineups with opening doors…. These should be mainline now!!! And well …what is the Mattel’s beef with the UK?!?!?…. Are we?!?!…. Hopefully be seeing them…๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜€……..

      1. Hmmm. Probably the same as the ones sold at ASDA for nearly ยฃ4 each!!!
        I just want 2019 Matchbox back in the UK. Something, ANYTHING!!! ๐Ÿ™

      2. Dated L26 and 99p!!!……. They also had Hws real riders at ยฃ1.99. Marvel, Disney and others. Fast and furious with the ford escort mk1…. Only knows where from??! However it would make sense if Matchbox had a home at home bargains. All walks of life… Free and easy to how they display! Matchbox trade stands!!!…. Cheap and sell quickly! They have the correct marketing at every angles. Shame…. Still nothing and nothing of 2019s lineup and more!… Home bargains would kick the matchbox brand up in the UK…. Even the poop king….?๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ’ก?!…โ€ฆ…

      3. ?…๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ’ก.?……๐Ÿ˜ฒ. Flash thoughts..!…… Wishful thinking!….. 1/3 of the year gone still NOWT…. No hurry on Mattel’s part to keep this brand alive in the UK?!?!…… ๐Ÿ‘…… Keep UK thinking!……great biz planning๐Ÿ‘

    1. And……. Suddenly home bargains has put out 3 new boxes of Hotwheels mainline!….of which my local has never stocked before!!!.shortcard.. @ยฃ1.49. This is now a p#ss take๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€ how ironic!!!…….. Lol. Where’s mbx mainline and 2019 as a whole?!…..

  2. I highly doubt I’ll see this in the next few weeks like you said. I haven’t even found the second set yet. You say it’s hitting but it’s been out for a couple of months now and I’ve seen no signs of it anywhere. I’ll I see are remnants of the first batch. Plus, a couple of these castings aren’t all that great IMO. The falcon wing doors on the Tesla are way too wide and the wheels are a bad choice. The Chevy C10 doesn’t look great in that dark blue with a grey plastic base and no front/rear detailing. The Nissan’s width is way too wide and yet again, no front/rear detailing and grey plastic when it should’ve been chrome. The rest are pretty good but it’s hard to tell when you don’t have them on hand because of their ongoing wonky distribution!

  3. Nice set. At first the gray base did not bother me but lately it’s been used so much that it is getting to me. That truck base really could be be black or better yet it should be chrome. Same for the jeep. And I agree the wheel choice for the Datsun is not the right one. I love that 20 spoke wheel but not on this car. It makes it look like a ghetto hoopty car with spinners and 28 inch rims. it’s just missing the lift kit. But then again idk which modern wheel would look good with it. Love the idea of bringing back the old school stuff but not at the expense of the looks of the model. Also switch up the deco these are the same tempas from ’87 or whatever. I do like the tesla and the cruiser. And on a brighter note in Denver CO I’ve been able to find the main line the premium line, the 50th aniv superfasts, the color changers (there is 8 new ones) and a ton of 5 packs. Knock on wood.

  4. Have you noticed that the “Matchbox” tab used on this post is distinct from the ‘”matchbox” tab on the header bar?

  5. It appears Matchbox has surrendered quality in order to give us opening parts. What’s with the crummy glossy interiors? Why no headlight tampos? Why the poor wheel choices? Super thick glass? And, as much as I love the Chevy pickup, the slipped in even more plastic with the engine bay. . Ugh…wht can’t we get an overall quality car out of Matchbox?

  6. How quickly have I got used to it? Not at all. Never seen the first or second mixes, so very unlikely to see this bunch in real-life. Reason? I live in the UK. Sadly, a “MATCHBOX” free zone. And Mattel couldn’t care less.

  7. Mix 3 already? What happened to the 2nd mix? Where is it? I’m not seeing it at my local stores (and, judging by this comment section, nor has anyone else). I’m still getting remnants of the 1st mix. I wasn’t even aware that there was a 2nd mix before I saw the title of this article.

    On the actual models, it’s a shame that the quality has significantly dropped in only a few mixes. There’s no excuse to abstain from headlight OR taillight deco on $4 cars, no matter if the doors/hood open or not. The window plastic looks thick, the wheels look cheap (though that’s nothing new), the 240Z in particular looks like it’s put on a few hundred pounds and the C10 has a plastic engine bay. This is very disappointing.

  8. What I can’t really tell concerning the Ford Crown Victoria Boone County Sheriff car if it’s black or brown colored (brown I believe is the ideal color for a sheriff vehicle so is beige). I may decide to purchase this car (even if I can’t expect it to arrive to retailers here in Canada anytime soon). By the way though it’s a bit off topic but I’ve not come across the MBX ’75 Caprice Classic that I still wish to purchase and when a month ago I was visiting Orlando,Florida I was at a local Super Target but unfortunately I couldn’t find the Caprice Classic I just described.

  9. Mix 3? Where are mixes 1 and 2? I saw the Xterra one time a while back, but nothing else since. I like the real Xterra, but skipped this MBX model because in hand it looks a bit wonky and out of proportion. To be honest, I am not sweating it too much that I haven’t been able to find these. So far what’s been shown hasn’t appealed to me. I’ll reconsider the 280ZX if I ever get a look at it firsthand.

  10. What the heck happened to chrome? It’s still heavily utilized by HW (to the point even BODIES are chromed completely in the Super Chromes series) but Matchboxes seem to skimp on it. I’m seeing a ton of gray bases these days. If we can’t have metal bases, at least chrome the plastic ones.

    1. Agree, that gray base is hideous. At least, if they skimp on chrome, they could just use black plastic as base, even the bumper

  11. this site is ok for what it shows, but as it is supposed to be a resource for Mattel to advertise their wares FOC, why cant the owner actually ask the question about getting Matchbox into Europe, rather than just accepting the situation, its a case of “i’m all right Jack” we get tem in the USA but the rest of the world can go away – NO, why should we, why is the question NEVER asked, and if it has, why is it never pushed to get it sorted out, ASDA, or Walmart as they are owned, are rubbish with their availability, you get one newish case them 50 old cases from about 2 years ago, same with HW, why will Mattel NOT answer the question, i am sure they must read this to make sure they are not being berated at all – so then the posts can be removed, but at the end of the day, it is the people that spend their money on these items and for a company to ignore a huge area of the world that wants them smacks of poor leadership, and the shareholders would be up in arms if they were aware of the situation.

  12. The sad thing is Jon, As long Hws are ok here and as a whole. Mattel don’t give a #@#@…about Matchbox!!! Earlier on journey’s a B@M truck I see had HOTWHEELS emblazoned over the sides!!!… Say no more….. If there was any urgency to stock UK with matchbox , it should have been done by now!!!…. So so wrong!!!. I wood even buy the tree cab!๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ”ฆ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘….. Hope and see for the brand as a whole!…..

  13. I actually prefer the the grey plastic to the chrome. Looks more realistic and distracts less from the rest of the car. Disappointing the pickup has no front or rear tampos. Otherwise looks ok. Also great play value for my kids at 2 dollars.

  14. The Chevy truck has a lot of potential! It definitely needs some front and rear tampos though, as people have mentioned.

  15. I like ’em. If I can find them, I’ll definitely pick up the Jeep, Datsun, and Chevy. Probably the Tesla, too, just because gullwing doors are fun, although there are other gullwing cars I’d rather have (Autozam AZ-1, anyone?).

  16. I like the Nissan 280Z. It fits in well with the HWs Nissan cars. The pnly problem I have is the pricing. I would like to see more detailing on areas like the head lights and tail lights. The Chevy pickup looks hood but it still needs a bit of detailing make it stick out.

  17. Mix 3 what the hell is even 2? This is rediculious, how can they not have a legit distribution plan yet? I mean I try to be patient but for heavens sakes. Matchbox is getting treated like who cares when they get there Hot Wheels come first and MBX is putting out better castings. Yes HWs has some cool new castings but for the most part MBX has more new castings and less poop! It’s been awhile since I posted and I’m late on this tread but come on!

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