Meanwhile, in LA, the Hot Wheels Dream Team unveils the new Jaguar Project 8

While some of the Hot Wheels Design Team frolics around Lombard, Illinois at the Hot Wheels Nationals Conventions, others are still toiling away at the Design Center in LA. It isn’t all bad, though. They remain near the beach like they always do, and they get to post new product as it rolls in. Like this one:

Another stunner hitting the basic range, and a surprise to boot. The Jag comes a bit out of left field as far as Hot Wheels goes, but it makes a ton of sense to see it here. And man does it look good.

Designer Ryu Asada, who has been taking these beautiful pics of the new stuff for the Dream Team IG Page, shared a couple more shots and some thoughts:

In order to capture this fusion of elegant + muscular wide body shape, I had to do intensive research based on photos, and also YouTube videos. The front was bit tricky since we’re not sure we can add tampo based on the sculpt. But we did it, after several rounds of revising. Although this look like another straight-forward replica, we put lot of effort and time in it to make it look great as a HW car. I Hope you guys will like this.

Yeah, Ryu, we will like this. A lot.

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  1. Now it’s MBX turn to make the Giulia QV. We can’t have just one super-sedan in this lineup.

    As for this…brilliant. Certainly a top-5 mainline, arguably one of their best. I might wind up buying another so I could remove the wing, though.

  2. I’ve said this before and will say it again: 2019 is the best year for basic mainline new models ever. So many epic castings released so far and this is one of the best. Brilliant job by Ryu!

    Now, I would LOVE to see this in a Car Culture set like Super Saloons, together with the Merc Evo 2, BMW M3, Subaru WRX bugeye, and maybe a Lancer Evo III.

  3. That new jaguar project 8 coming out is awesome. I will be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  4. It is a pretty cool car except for the wing. Too ricer-looking. I’m just happy they gave it the front and rear detailing instead of going crazy with tampos! Definitely will be picking this one up.

  5. Yes, yes, YES!!! I had this one on my short list of models for HW to tackle in the near future. So glad to see they were on the same wavelength. From what I see, this one may be giving the RS5 and Chiron a run for their money as basic of the year. Love the proportions, the wide-body stance and big wing. Perfect choice of habanero orange paint over black 10-spokes. And all the requisite tampos in all the right places. Well done HW!

  6. Would it be possible if Hot Wheels would cast the Mad Max v8 interceptor, being this year is the40th. Anniversary of the original film.

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