April Kmart Hot Wheels Collector Day Cases are available now

Here is a heads up to head to Kmart.com and grab your exclusive 36-count case before they sell out:

April 2019 Hot Wheels 36-count Cases at Kmart.com

Exclusives shown below, and the Bronco is the mail-in. You aren’t reading this because you already clicked above. I like sandwiches for lunch occasionally, you might too, what else can I type? Pushing buttons on a keyboard is fun!

10 Replies to “April Kmart Hot Wheels Collector Day Cases are available now”

  1. I usually get 2 or 3 cases. This time the main reason to buy a case is the black Datsun. So I only got one case. I will get the Bronco just not to waste the purchase, but its not really that apealing to me. Im sure most people agree with me…

  2. The question is what batch is it? G case? H Case? Maybe even J case? Also, why are the events so late now with little notice? Whatever happened to February, September and November K-Days? They’re all one month behind schedule.

    1. Never mind. I answered my own question. I looked at the picture in the link and the first-to-markets are the Nissan Skyline, Pagani Huayra, and the Tumbler. Those are H case. So it’s gonna be G case with H case first-to-markets. No thanks, I’m good. I already found both batches at Publix within the last week and the exclusive colors aren’t all that great. I’m not spending $45.00 plus shipping just for a couple of cars.

  3. my wife and i got our two cases today and for the last 3 kdays, we have received the same cars in both cases!! anybody else have this problem?

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