Unboxing: Opening Hot Wheels International & US G Cases

Sometimes there are differences, sometimes there aren’t.

There were a few differences this time between the International and US releases of the Hot Wheels G Case, mainly that the Regular Treasure Hunt was in one. And this is a TH worth finding.

Enjoy the Unboxings:



2 Replies to “Unboxing: Opening Hot Wheels International & US G Cases”

  1. Awesome US G Case and international G Case unboxing video congrats. 👍 I got the regular treasure hunt Corvette stingray today at the toy show. 👍

  2. Still struggling to find the latest cases in these parts. I did however find some Hot Wheels Month cars in a Walmart dump bin. Labeled “MT” they appear to be G case cars. I was able to pick up a few F case carryovers that I wasn’t able to find previously; R32 Skyline, VW GTI and Mazda REPU. Only thing new I found of interest was the yellow w/ black stripes Fairlady 2000. I passed on the recolored Pagani and new-wheeled Cruella de Vil, being content with the earlier versions. I shocked to actually find the Scooby Doo Batmobile, but passed, since it doesn’t really fit my collection. Unfortunately, no sign of the Porsche Carrera, Kenmeri Skyline police car, black CRX, VW Squareback, Kool Kombi or ’92 Mustang.

    The search continues…

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