Case Report: Matchbox 2019 N Case

So I’ve lost count of what mix this is. It’s N, but Matchbox didn’t start at A in 2019, so this is maybe the 5th or 6th?

Nonetheless it’s a good case, so let’s go through it. Wheel Collectors got their shipment yesterday, and gave us a quick vid and photos of the contents, so let’s get right to it.

You can find the models in their store:

Matchbox at Wheel Collectors

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  1. Man that Wrangler looks sweet!! And the colour seems very similar to the lifted green 2017 Wrangler that Hot Wheels made last year.. maybe we could see comparison pics sometime.

  2. Decent batch, not the best but tolerable. Hits for me are the JL Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes GLE Coupe and Chevy El Camino. The Dodge Coronet Police car is pretty nice but I’m curious, does it actually have a chrome base? I can’t tell all that well but to me it looks like it’s suiting chrome. Also, I saw that apple green on a real Jeep Wrangler and it’s very bold. A nice eye-catching color. I’m glad they made it in one of the cool colors.

    1. Yeah, I think it is a chrome base! I’m very happy to see it, even if it isn’t present on the Vista Cruiser, El Camino, Mini, Caprice or Hudson Hornet. Keep up the chrome Matchbox!

  3. Ugh! What a snooze of a case. Matchbox has really been striking out lately. The star of the case for me is the Jeep. And I hate Jeeps! For as much as I am not a fan of the Jeep brand, I will give praise to MBX for the execution on this one. Spot on! It’s so good, I may even be tempted to pick this one up. My #2 would be the VW “Thing”. #3 for me is the M-B GLC Coupe, though I’ve got to say it looks rather blah in these photos. I’ll wait till I see it first hand to decide if it gets added to my collection.

    1. You like the generic casts what 80% filled the cases?… The red and yellow trains? …garbage gulper kingy thingy…… Yawn!….. This case …. Zzzzzzzzzzz $1………….$1…..!!!!!!!.…..And its nearly an all star cast for you yanks!!!!! Including the mini cooper NY chequer cab!!!! 👏😀…..

      1. No, of course I don’t like cases filled with generic castings, so in that respect this case is better than some. But for me this case is still a bore, with nothing for me to get excited about. I’m not sure your point since you also say the case is, “zzzzzz”. You think it’s a great case because it is light on generics, but you think its a dud case because it’s all American??? You are correct, we do only pay a dollar for these in the U.S. That doesn’t change the fact that I’m not interested in what’s being offered. True, this is a very Yank-centric case. Leading to why I’m not excited. Bring on the European models. Please! I’ll buy all the Audis, Porsches and BMWs you make!

      2. I say sir, bloody good write up!….. Zzzzz also means raise the $1 so quality can be a norm. Eg…. The ford animal control unit. Its all plastic!!…vum?….lack of!!!… These kind of casts don’t do any justice to this brand!!!. A few European won’t go amiss. But HWs seem to have a selection of “what should have been a matchbox” in their lineup!!!… Also the $1 you are paying currently I would be happy to buy them all at that price. As currently a lot of my country folk are having to Ott prices and more just to keep tabs on this brand!. ….. Happy collecting👍😀

      3. As again i will write it! Its all on a plate for you guys! Matchbox is not available in the uk! Cut ties from its home roots. The matchbox brand has a big following! Mattels big big mistake! Mattel has done nothing here to gain a new crowd or to serve the current followers. After years i must have my say! As for the mini NY cab above…. whats that about?…. i just picture a seseme street seen with Bert and Ernie in the back or a BIGBIRD!… 65th and 50th well a complete joke! And you lot pay 1 dollar. Enjoy….. our good folk will pay OTT! Im not why should i?

  4. That Ford Truck is dated incorrectly. The card says it’s a 2010, but the image looks to be of a 2015-16 model, and from what I can see so does the casting.

    1. And it’s not been corrected, despite the model already having been in a couple cases. I thought they quickly corrected stuff like that.

  5. Coronet’s probably my favorite here (especially considering the VUM base, yay!), and the Jeep and VW Thing look nice as well. Otherwise…meh. The Vista Cruiser is a recycled deco I’m guessing…pretty sure I’ve had that one for several years already.

  6. Still hoping that as soon as possible the ’75 Caprice Classic will arrive to retailers here in Canada as soon as possible and to some extent I’d like to be able to purchase the ’70 El Camino so therefore if Matchbox or Mattel is reading my comments I wish you guys would improve or solve distribution issues ( the sooner the better).

  7. Is the Suburban a direct repeat of the NYPD 5-Pack version? Or is there some minor change–i.e. unit numbers? Better had they done the Hudson or Coronet as a classic NYPD unit as opposed to generic liveries.

    The Mini, Jeep, Hudson, and Coronet are definite purchases. The NASA Express Delivery and Suburban will be fleet builders, as I already have both. I bought the entire NYPD pack when I finally found it a couple years back.

  8. The 1959 Dodge Coronet is a legendary casting. This model is a prime example of why I can’t understand collectors who enjoy cheap, realistic cars continue who to be more loyal to Hot Wheels. It is hard to imagine Hot Wheels ever doing a straight forward model of this type of car, and if they did the casting and proportions wouldn’t be this good. This is a beautiful model that captures the long, lean look of the Coronet. It is also treated with a chrome bumper, which is an endangered species these days. I think that says something about how they feel about this model over at Matchbox HQ.

    The Jeep is a very nice model as well, of a vehicle many of us commonly see on the streets now. It’s a detailed, accurate casting. Should prove very popular. Note the rugged style tires that have ‘matchbox’ etched into them.

    Also got a kick out of the handsome Taxi repaint of the Cooper. Very fun model. The NYPD van is a nice inclusion and there are some good carryovers from recent past cases. The El Camino is a nice older model to bring back.

    In my neck of the woods distribution has been better as of late. The latest Working Rigs line is out–a tow truck (licensed) a scraper (a new casting) and a garbage truck. The 4th model in the set is the fire truck from the first set again for some reason. In stores where I see them, the rigs sell out very fast. Interest seems high. Matchbox has a lot of exciting things going on this year and seem to be learning from recent mistakes (color changers).

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