The excruciating process of saying goodbye to this special 1 of 100 SEMA-Exclusive Matchbox Skyjacker F-350

Collecting, when you think about it, is an odd thing. Who knows what wires crossed in our heads that made us want to gather things, but I think it is safe to say that most folks visiting this site enjoy collecting little cars as much as I do.

We think of collecting in a myriad of ways, but an uncommon way of looking at collectors is that they certainly prolong the life the item they are collecting. Take a Hot Wheels. It was meant to be purchased by a kid, played with profusely until it was buried in the sand, lost, or thrown in an attic long forgotten.

We do it differently. We buy the model, either keep it packaged or open it, and display it or store it carefully, in most cases. The model might have a lifespan in our collections, but when that ends the model will usually transfer to another collection, continuing its existence as a collector’s treasure.

It’s that transfer that has been on my mind lately. I have mentioned the Lamley Purge. I am thinning out the collection, trying to make a little space in my collection and more importantly, my office. That means going through the collection from top to bottom, honestly assessing what I want to keep. Some decisions are easy, some very difficult.

But whatever is going, I hope it goes to a happy new home. I love the idea of a model that has sit essentially in storage in my collection becoming the new treasure in another collection, essentially taking on a new life. It actually makes me want to see some of these move, becoming a source of joy for someone new.

Of course a transaction is involved, but by putting each item on ebay for a starting bid of $.99, I can at least feel good in the possibility that the person who wanted it most may be the one who got it.

Which leads to this gem:

This is the Matchbox SEMA-Exclusive Skyjacker Ford Superduty MBX350 Peacemaker. It is one of the most unique models in my collection. Only 100 made, not only of the deco, but the casting! A basic version of the vehicle was released in the basic range, but in a more simple livery and after the casting had been refined for the basic range.

The casting was developed quickly to be used as a promo piece for Skyjacker and Ford at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and 100 castings were created. I went to SEMA to showcase the model with the Matchbox Team, and showcased it on YouTube:

That exact model in the video is one in my collection. It is a very cool piece to have. One I thought I would keep forever.

But I am letting it go.

It has sat in a drawer in my office for pretty much the entire time I’ve had it, and that is no place for it to be. Why keep it when it should be on a shelf somewhere. Why should I have it? Just to say I have it? What good is that? Seriously, do I get any joy from just saying I have it. That’s pretty cheap joy to pursue. So there is someone out there who deserves to have it more than me. And I hope they get it.

It’s on eBay right now, expiring this Sunday. I have had a couple of second thoughts about letting it go, but it is the memory of running around SEMA with Gerry Cody that I am happy to keep.

A look at the model with its basic counterpart:

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  1. I hear you and definitely agree with what you’re saying but what if you regret it and wish you kept it? Ive heard you say that about other models in other videos (a MBX Land Cruiser comes to mind). What if you had taken it out and displayed for some months first instead of keeping it stored to test if you’d grow fond of it or not? Personally I’d sell it too as I am not a huge fan of it. And then I’d buy other models instead. In your case you should get that TLV blue civic you’re missing to ease the pain of parting with it 🙂

  2. Wow! Now at £277!…..!…….! 1 of 100!!! The mainline version is more rare here in the UK…….. As the current lineup!!!….. Mattel making our collection worth FA!!!!😀 sell while you can…👍

    1. If you have a Toyland store in your vicinity AMC you should be able to find the 2018 mainline version of this for a more reasonable £1.97! ;-p

  3. Thank you Craig. Sadly not. As I live in the yellow and green county of Norfolk N good…. That’s strange how these batches have popped up! Nationally last year we started on D case. Are these on long cards? Hope more come to your area with 65th chase car’s and etc…?!?!.. Mind you everythings hit or miss with this brand. More miss!… The …… only knows what is happening to the future of this brand here in the UK?!?! …. Tesco?!… Bad feelings………. April fools!…. Charity shops have been gold mines! Various 60s to 90s mbx…. Various superkings in boxes. However my 6 year old nephew is fascinated with these. Real working trucks and tow trucks etc for quality which has been forgotten by Mattel… Also forgotten us in the process!…

    1. Yes they are on long cards and so must have been sourced outside of Mattel channels thank heavens!!! Only appears to be 2018 Case B stuff at the moment which is handy as that’s the only “true assortment” of new castings and recolours not to have been found in ASDA last year.
      As for Matchbox here in the UK going forward maybe Mr Lamley could shed some light on developments or lack of them…..I’m seriously doubting Tesco are in negotiations with Mattel as it’s taking too long and customer services still have no knowledge about this deal. It seems to me Mattel have deliberately pulled Matchbox from the UK rather than ASDA discontinuing it.
      Have Mattel filled that glaring void with more choice of Hot Wheels? Nope, the UK is still on Case E and that’s still in short supply. Premiums? Nope. We don’t get these either.

      1. The sad thing is Craig I honestly think this is it….! … A big bad mistake on Mattels part!!!…. They have done everything they can to strangle this brand here…… A cut back victim…! They have done this on its own soil and affended in the process…. Playing on historical key moments is the joke….. 50th is when lesney had to respond to Mattels £££££££££££££££££££ ads which swamped … This was a start to lesneys downfall………. 50 years later not available in the UK!!!!!! 65th well…….. 👏😀…..BS!!!…. This is still its homeland.. Mattel could still make money if they wanted!!! …… Little toys put in matchbox style boxes….. Mattel sealed it in one big box ! 6ft under!!!! Shame…. Multi company who doesn’t give a shi……

    1. With basic Mainline Hot Wheels rapidly approaching the £2 mark in most UK retailers and £3 for plastic generic tat I can’t see how they don’t make money here in the UK I can’t see how they arnt making money.
      Maybe it’s related to Brexit? I just don’t know.

      1. Lol ..Ahhhh…. Brexit the WHAT’S THAT?!!!..😀… Just to let you know Craig in B&M they have the rally hotwheels set with the ford escort RS cosworth at £2.99!!!. I did buy that tbh…. Good luck Craig and thank you!. Any news and so on?!?! And thank you and sorry for rants lamley and co.👍

      2. Thanks AMC, yes I have seen them in B&M as well as Smyths and bought the set despite the high prices. I have had to order three cases of 2019 MATCHBOX from the U.S. just to keep me sane and will sell some excess on EBay, probably from Sunday.
        Nothing wrong with having a rant on here, it’s what comments are all about and helps us relieve our enormous disappointment at how Mattel are treating Britain and the general lacklustre choice of 1:64 diecasts here at the moment 🙁

  4. Cheers Craig! … Imported yours from USA?!!!!! Ouch…! Now thats a hardcore collector!!!….. F that……. On my part! …..£££££££££££££s …., to $……. Why should we ?!.… thanks for tip off!… Take care.😀

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