Still one of the best things Hot Wheels has ever done: A quick run through HW Vintage Racing.

It just gets better with age. Hot Wheels Vintage Racing is over 8 years old now, and it has finally become to collectors what Mattel thought it would years ago.

Back then were a few must-haves for some collectors, but the set gathered dust in stores for the most part. But as Hot Wheels Collectors’ tastes moved more to realism, and as Car Culture took over, lines like Vintage Racing are being revisited. I know several people trying to complete the collection now, but between scarcity and high prices it is very hard.

I don’t mean to make even more difficult by showcasing the line, but here are all the models.

(And here is where you can find them on ebay.)

6 Replies to “Still one of the best things Hot Wheels has ever done: A quick run through HW Vintage Racing.”

  1. Awesome vintage racing cars you reviewed congrats. 👍They’re all my favorites and I the complete set in my collection. 👍

  2. I have about 1/2 of the set. I have all the Drag cars I think. 3 or 4 years ago I found an antique and toy store that had a bunch for $4. I knew nothing about them because I had stopped collecting in 2005 and began again in 10 years later. So I bought them due to their better historical accuracy (Better than most HWs at least). Glad I did! No BRE though. lol

  3. The local Winn Dixie had some of these. They just hung and hung. I would check periodically to see if they would go on sale. Eventually, I heard they were closing the store. I thought surely I would get a good deal. I went and guess what? All gone! A sidestack of Hot Wheels Boulevard was gone as well. POOF! Someone cleaned them out or they were part of a buyback. I still feel the sting!

  4. There are some awesome cars here. Chevelles. Two yellow Mustangs. Galaxies. Mercury. Green dodge challenger. Datsun. But many of the rest suffer from the Hot Wheels exaggerated big wheel in the back problems to be realistic. Moreover, they could have done without the made up racing decos to fill in the gaps. I’d say both JL and GL have done some better and more accurate vintage race cars. That said I still really want some of the cars I’m missing here like the smokey chevelle and green challenger.

  5. There are many great looking models here. Looks like a pretty well executed series. It’s funny, I don’t ever remember even seeing these at retail. Then again, I was collecting casually back then, and only what I liked, so I may have just overlooked them. I’m not much of a vintage muscle fan. Needless to say, I don’t own any of these. I would love to have that BRE Datsun in my collection though!

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