Preview: The stunning Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive Urban Outlaw Porsche 964

There are many new members to the RLC this year. For good reason. It’s going to be a stellar year.

Moving past all the bumps and bruises the RLC and its site have been through – and dragging us reluctantly along – it is nice to see the Club still exists. There are still a few kinks here and there to work out, but ultimately the RLC has never been better. Interest in the RLC offerings is sky-high, and demand for these models is through the roof.

The latest case in point hits the RLC Store on Tuesday, March 26th. The Urban Outlaw Porsche 964 is here, and it’s a stunner. 10,000 made, at $29.99 a pop, and it will sell out quickly. If you are not convinced, the video below will show you why. If are convinced, watch the video anyway. I worked hard on it, and you will hopefully like it.

6 Replies to “Preview: The stunning Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive Urban Outlaw Porsche 964”

  1. Awesome urban outlaw Porsche 964 and Magnus Walker action figure you open up and you reviewed congrats. 👍I’m not a redline club member. So I won’t be able to get one.

  2. I’m a multi-year RLC member. It really is difficult for me to waste.. realistically, a half hour to an hour(?) at work trying to get a high-demand offer like this. I do it over and over and it chaps my ass. My perspective is, I bought into the club, I should have a straightforward opportunity to purchase the offerings without wasting a bunch of my time and entering essentially a lotto queue and “crossing my fingers” that the website works, or somebody doesn’t walk into my office. There should be one available for every member AT A MINIMUM and a 24+ hour window to claim it.

    1. Totally agree with Brandon, the RLC need to get their act together, totally unprofessional and incompetent the way they sell their offerings, why is no-one sorting this shit out ?

  3. I guess I am out on this. I had no idea my membership expired or there was a renewal due. I don’t know why they don’t send something out.

    So if there is a club member willing to help out please let me know. As a dedicated Porsche collector I would really love to have it.

  4. Wow! Beautiful car! Hot Wheels did a fantastic job on the execution of this one! I hope this casting trickles down to Car Culture someday, because I’ll never be able to own the one featured here.

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