Showcase: Hot Wheels Baja Racing Trucks set, and a Subaru Brat walk-through.

Let’s just say if I wasn’t a blogger and YouTuber, I probably wouldn’t have picked up this entire set. The art is incredible, but as a DLMer art is not a huge factor in what I bring home. But I can say I would have brought home the Brat, no matter what.

The Subaru Brat is a no-brainer for my collection, and this new one is a worth addition. So, here is a look at all the models, plus a bit more focus on the Brat. Enjoy:

3 Replies to “Showcase: Hot Wheels Baja Racing Trucks set, and a Subaru Brat walk-through.”

  1. Awesome baja racing trucks set you got, you open up, and you reviewed congrats. 👍I’m on the hunt for all 6 of those. 👍

  2. I’ll pick up the Subaru, based on my love for the casting. This particular deco doesn’t do a whole lot for me, and I wish they’d knock it off with the brown tires. Trouble is, I’m guessing this will be the one model out of the six I’ll never be able to find (kind of like the ’83 Silverado from the really cool Walmart 10-model trucks series) on the pegs.

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