Opening a rare Hot Wheels 2010 Garage J Case

Wheel Collectors is preparing a big sale next week (details coming), and that means digging into the far corners of their warehouse to see what goodies might be lurking.

They definitely found some. The elusive and infamous Hot Wheels Garage J Case. The J case was one of the final mixes of the Garage Premium series, was produced in very small numbers, and distributed essentially all overseas. Long story short, the models in this mix are super rare.

And there are some very cool models, notably the Dodge Power Wagon. Unboxing weren’t a thing back then, so Wheel Collectors did their own today. I posted it on my Lamley Extras Channel.


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  1. Awesome hotwheels garage J Case unboxing video congrats. 👍Those were definitely hard to find back then. I’m still on the hunt for all of those. 👍 I would like to have all of those in my collection. 👍

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