Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Team Transport JDM Legends Skyline

Model: Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X

The video feature I did on this set, coming to stores very soon, was maybe the most fun I’ve had since I started the Lamley Channel. Eric and Josh were great, and it was a blast opening the set and placing the cars on their miniature JDM-L diorama. If you haven’t seen this video, here it is:

I think my feelings about this set have been expressed on the video. I am stoked for my friends Eric and Josh, and you can see in the vid – or on their show on Velocity – how cool they are. They have a shop full of goodies, are always passionate about them, and are just plain nice. I love they their logo is back on a Hot Wheels and I hope to see more in the future.

Now it is time to focus on the model, particularly the Skyline. It is the most complete racing Hakosuka Hot Wheels has done, with the racing deco along with front and rear graphics. The painted light covers especially put this one over the top.

Yet even with the upgrades, the model fits beautifully with its other racing counterparts, the First Edition and Japan Historics 1 release.

And don’t forget the casting itself. Jun Imai’s casting is what many consider the model that ushered in the JDM Era at Hot Wheels. Sure the R34 and 510 already existed, but this model’s release in 2011, coupled with the Kenmeri a few months later, sent a myriad of collectors to wikipedia and the JDM Era was born. (Yeah not that simple but kind of.)

So now we see the Hako in its most premium release, in its second incarnation in Car Culture, and even better, in the gem of a series that is Team Transport. It’s a special set.

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  1. Nice one’s you reviewed congrats. 👍I can’t wait to get this set and add those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  2. No wonder collectors fall head over heels. This is just about the best ever treatment you can give that model. I’ve since accepted that I’ll never be able to have that, but it doesn’t make this set any less desirable or worthy of praise.

    If you bought this set, congratulations.

  3. I like how each version is an upgrade from the previous. First started with the mainline with basic wheels and plastic base, then to Car Culture with premium wheels and metal base and finally this one, with all of the above plus the full tampos. I’m not a completist of this casting or Car Culture but this makes me want to have at least these 3 models. I have the original FE one. Now to find the other 2!

  4. I’m noticing the similar logos on the rear quarter panels: JUN-S and JDM-L. Which is the chicken and which is the egg? Does anyone know the story? And, yes, the colored headlight covers are next level!

    1. JDM-L is the homage to the original by JDM Legends. It’s a take on the original Prince Motorist Club Sports (PMC-S) race team decal on the race Hakosukas. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that the JUN-S decals are similarly ah homage to the originals, for the former Hot Wheels designer, Jun Imai, as in “Jun-sports.”

      1. PMC-S! Thanks, fett, that’s the missing link. Many of my favourite castings happen to be by Mr. Imai, I didn’t know til later. I’m all over the place, too, JDM, euro, some muscle, even some unlicensed (Time Attaxi/Time Shifter!), he’s done some of everything. I’m really anticipating this set!

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