Case Report: Matchbox 2019 M Case (Mix 5)

I have wondered what the most anticipated new Matchbox model would be this year. I thought possibly the Mercedes Wagon I featured earlier today, but it might be the Caprice.

It hits in the M (Mix 5) Case, and my guess is it will be gobbled up quickly. If you want to know what else is in the case, here it is, thanks to Wheel Collectors.

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  1. Another excellent case with a strange selection of doubles. The Caprice and Hornet are good choices for doubles, but did we really need doubles of Jeep 4×4 (already double in L case), Express Delivery (Mission Support Vehicle) and Ford Animal Control Truck? I would prefer to see doubles of Vista Cruiser, Datsun 510 and VW Type 181 which will all be scooped up very quickly and now even harder to find. That’s what I like about the Power Grabs – the 24 count box has 12 models and doubles of everything.

  2. is’nt the van pretty much the the express delivery in a licensed NASA logo unlike the aerospace variation it was released in, a few years ago?

  3. Great case and as you said the Caprice will not sit long. In fact I almost guarantee so many will lose out on this casting, which will be a dam shame. I have been saying continually of late the 24ct cases are just to small now. At this point MBX is thriving and their designs are superb. Time to up the counts on cases. There are some warmers but not many like the dual wheeled tractor and the powder blue buggy but that’s about it. MBX’s pegs for the most part are cleaned out! It’s great to see as a life long collector but at the same time it is getting frustrating. There are more people grabbing them since HWs has been scarce on their designs as far as having as many realistic designs or not as many muscle cars or tons of repeats in their cases. Some might go for that but if you took a poll, I’m guessing many would say you only need so many of one casting. So with MBX putting out some great stuff car collectors are grabbing the MBX designs up. Great I love it but how about now letting the MBX loyal collector have a shot at getting the models they want! Time to up the case counts!

  4. Is the NASA truck not just the Express Delivery in a liscend livery as opposed to the generic aerospace it was a while back?

  5. Is that NASA express delivery van plastic now?…land rover hollow… Datsun’s rally in top tampo with fantasy shout outs!…missed the sides for the words For.UK.Exhibition.Mbx.! Or prefab sprout.

    1. Haha oh so true AMC!!! Customer services at Mattel are not yet aware of any UK stockists for Matchbo yet. They did assure me that Matchbox was still part of Mattel though! lol
      The Express Delivery has been plastic for some years btw.

  6. Lol.!. You got a response!!!… Poor old matchbox has been bounced around / sheared around and riddled in plastic. It might have caught an Hti.😷😜 Sorry to say Craig. No great response from anyone really, sadly!…. I hear Tesco then NONE at all…! .. It just clearly shows Mattel uk or as a whole don’t give a Sh…dam about matchbox…! Keep their attention on the other…..!!!. With their lack of care for their products and general outputs …. And general public canversing their products for them!……Any other company would have gone BUST..!!!!!…Thanks Craig… If I hear of anything.?!…..😀 take care. 🎸🎵Hotdog…..🎵🎸 all together now!!! Swoosh…

  7. Sorry just to add Craig, one of my good work mates is off to USA next week. He’s going to get me the ford series and mbx + opening parts. IF?!…Otherwise I wouldnt pay anything of shipping and various costs. Can’t uk have a real website to order from?!…. It would make sense!… We’ll see anyways… Its just so wrong this brand is this low….. Anyway Take it easy fella.

  8. Ugh! MBX cases become more of a bore with each passing wave! I’ll look for the Civic Hatch in red from this wave but not much else. Maybe the 510 Rally, though the earlier red and orange releases were more impressive IMHO. And maybe the Landie. I’ll have to make that judgement if and when I see it in person.

  9. I found a blue Hudson emergency vehicle with no detail paint on it. How often does this sort of thing occur?

  10. What’s happening to Matchbox in the UK at the moment? After so many great models in recent years, which obviously meant good sales, it is so disappointing that us UK collectors have to miss out on the recent selections with more great models in them. Is there any explanation as to what’s happening?

    1. Uk a country with a population of 7895446777886555.1…… Matchbox has no stockist and has also been made homeless!!!!…… I sadly have no answers pal. So many questions to be asked and shout out. Its like speaking to a wall from all angles…. However home bargains has just stocked various Hws real riders at £1.99. Disney and marvel …. Not much to add on the UK front…. Hope matchbox will be back soon treated as an equal for price and availability in all stockists. Cool display stands\advertised and products not made to be made exclusive for club few …. Also ALL …all world markets can receive ALL…!…!… Wishful thinking….. Online site??!!??!!??…… 😮?💡………💥pop!.

  11. Finally found this mix at the Chatham Wal Mart. The only one thought of getting was the 1975 Chevy but liked the jeep as well. Got both.

    The only small compliant is the sizing of the casting but much of this is due to having some Greenlights and M2 cars to compare it to. Otherwise the car is done in classic matchbox style. It would be great to see the Chevy get some chrome work done on higher end deluxe edition.

    This car is one my dad had as a company back in that time frame only it was 1976 modey. It brings back memories from that time.

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