Unboxing: Matchbox 2019 L Case (Mix 4)

The letters throw us off a bit, but the L Case – in stores now – is the 4th mix of 2019. The 5th mix, the M Case is just hitting as well. That Unboxing is coming shortly.

For now, enjoy L:


One thought on “Unboxing: Matchbox 2019 L Case (Mix 4)

  1. Cars from times, before tinted windows became a fashion, shouldnt have tinted windows! Like the Chevy Impala station wagon, now like the Land Rover! Plus, both share those strange roofs! Why doesnt the roof just have a open skylight, to hold, or release the boat, or camping supply on the roofrack?! It would look decent, both ways, with and without the load! As those plastic parts tend to get lost, if played with by kids, they’d enjoy a decent car, roof open, instead of a weird strange black plastic part.

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