The Hot Wheels Walmart Zamacs seem to be showing up all over the place.

I was out in rural Utah earlier this week. I had a minute so I decided to wander into a Family Dollar, one of the only markets in this very small town.

I was happy to see the pegs full, and even happier, but a little baffled to find some Zamacs. I documented the find:

I have heard of the Zamacs, which are a Walmart exclusive, being found at other stores. Not a lot, but enough to suggest there has been some slip-ups in distribution. I am not complaining, however, because that Z was hard to find.

After posting pics, others of you mentioned finding the same thing. And it isn’t just Family Dollar. Lamley Reader Blake noted this find at Walgreens:

Obviously a simple mistake from the Mattel factory, but keep your eyes open.

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  1. Funny….I found that Z a while back, and there was no shortage of them either.

    John, will you be covering the latest set of the Target-exclusive Cars of the Decades? There’s some great stuff in it…the custom 240Z for one, as well as a City Turbo II and the best deco yet on the BMW M3 GTR (admittedly underwhelming casting, yes, but a great deco)

  2. Thanks for the head’s up and awesome finds congrats. 👍I will be checking other stores besides Walmart now for zamacs. 👍I’m on the hunt for all of those. 👍

  3. I was lucky enough to time my Walmart visit just right last week and find most of the HW E case along with the included ZAMACs. I picked up the Skyline, the Käfer Racer, but passed on the third model (a Mustang?). I wish I had been able to find the custom Z last year, but we all know how messed up ZAMAC distribution was in 2018. Maybe that is why they are now showing up at other retailers? Though that doesn’t explain current ZAMACs showing up at Walgreens. Weird!

    I used to pop into Dollar Tree from time to time to check on Hot Wheels. They were sometimes a great place to find models from months-old waves that I had missed at big box. But strangely, as of early 2018, they no longer carry Hot Wheels. Bummer!

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